Nov 2019 25

Squarepusher is set to return in the New Year with a new album and an extensive tour. [more...]

Nov 2019 23

We have updated our Spotify playlist with new tracks from Kite, Lindemann, Laibach, Grimes and Roya.

Lindemann album out tomorrow – watch the new video
Nov 2019 21

November 22 marks the new album release “F & M” from the industrial metal duo Lindemann, with Rammstein’s Till Lindemann (Germany) and Pain’s Peter Tägtgren (Sweden).

Watch the new Rein video “Off the Grid”
Nov 2019 20

Watch the new video for “Off the Grid” with Rein below. [more...]

Nov 2019 15

Our latest updates of our Nordic live guide On Stage include Pet Shop Boys, Progress festival with Spark!, Kennelklubben and Children Within, S.P.O.C.K, Einstürzende Neubauten, Boy Harsher and more.

25th anniversary rerelease from Toronto industrial band DHI
Nov 2019 15

Toronto’s industrial project DHI (Death and Horror Inc.) e-mailed us to tell us about a new palette of releases based on their older material. Release’s Alex Veronac remembers a band from his old hometown. [more...]

Video: “Vision 2020 Vision” with Die Krupps
Nov 2019 13

Die Krupps has just released the video for their brand new song “Vision 2020 Vision”, featuring all members. Watch it below. [more...]

Fourth album from lush electropop trio Daybehavior out now
Nov 2019 13

Stylish and lush electropop trio Daybehavior has just released their forth album “Based on a True Story” and a new video for the song “Tears That Dry” (watch below). [more...]

Nov 2019 11

We have updated our Spotify playlist with new tracks from Rein, Spark!, Die Krupps, Elm, Hatari, TR/ST, Digitalism, Welle:Erdball, Polica, The Legenday Pink Dots, Blutengel, Chvrches, Lucifer’s Aid, Lindemann, Agonoize, Daybehavior, Automelodi, Brook and more!

New Rein EBM single in collaboration with Carli Löf and Priest
Nov 2019 11

As expected, Rein has now delivered the first single off her 2020 album. She has worked with Carli Löf and Priest. [more...]

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