Sep 2020 05

German dark electronic veterans X Marks the Pedwalk are ready to release their 10th album. [more...]

Sep 2020 09

We have updated our Spotify playlist. You’ll find new tracks from: New Order, Rein, Priest, Yello, Ionnalee, Kite, Xenturion Prome, Twice a Man and Johan Baeckström. A new batch will be posted soon – a lot of new music is released right now.

First New Order track in 5 years – listen here
Sep 2020 09

New Order have released their first new track in 5 years. [more...]

Sep 2020 18

We have updated our Spotify playlist with new tracks from Linea Aspera, Assemblage 23, X Marks the Pedwalk, Erasure, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nuclear Sludge, Seeming, Jeremy Inkel and Eisbrecher.

Sep 2020 24

Watch the lyric video for the collaborative remake of The Mission’s “Tower of Strange” below. It shows who sings which lines and who plays throughout the song. [more...]

New single from the original Ashbury Heights line-up
Sep 2020 25

This week, Swedish electropop project Ashbury Heights returned with a new single and video (watch below), featuring original singer Yaz. The response for the dark and moody song has been positive so far. [more...]

Elliot Berlin leaves Aesthetic Perfection’s live band
Sep 2020 25

Swedish musician Elliot Berlin has decided to leave Aesthetic Perfection’s live band, to focus on his other musical endeavors. [more...]

Oct 2020 12

Don’t miss our latest reviews of X Marks the Pedwalk, U96 and Wolfgang Flür, Assemblage 23, Reakton, Erasure, Rein and Progress 100.

Oct 2020 12

We have updated our Spotify playlist with new tracks from Ashbury Heights (original line-up), Rhys Fulber (in Bladerunner-style), Reakton (Kraftwerk-inspired), U96 and Wolfgang Flür, Diorama, Sammi Doll (from IAMX), Black Needle Noise (John Fryer), Dismantled and Social Ambitions (Swedish synthpop).

Oct 2020 23

We have updated our Spotify playlist with new tracks from Kite, Autechre, Agent Side Grinder, Piston Damp, Train to Spain, Uncreated and Abu Nein.

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