Brand new pop EP from Page – listen
Jun 2020 10

A fully loaded new EP titled “Under mitt skinn” from Swedish synthpop veterans Page is out this Friday. [more...]

Norway’s Electro Spectre dreams in stereo
Jun 2020 11

The electropop duo of Alexander Björneboe and Isak Rypdal, fittingly named Electro Spectre, is having a very busy 2020. [more...]

Linea Aspera’s “LP II” set for release, teaser track posted
Jun 2020 17

The Linea Aspera album Alison Lewis spoke about in our interview in February is now set for a September 7 release. You can listen to the teaser track “Solar Flare” below. [more...]

Jun 2020 18

Aesthetic Perfection has just released a new music video for the song “Supernatural”, taken from the latest album “Into the Black”. Watch it below. [more...]

Jun 2020 19

Patrik Henzel from the Swedish electronic pop band Nasa has passed away at the age of 54. [more...]

Jun 2020 20

Check out the new single “Waba Duba” from Swiss legends Yello.


KMFDM returns to dub on “In Dub”
Jun 2020 20

KMFDM are famous for their ultra heavy beat, and now that beat becomes trippier than before on “In Dub”.


Watch Jarre’s “Alone Together” VR performance
Jun 2020 22

Yesterday, Jean Michel Jarre performed live via his avatar in a specially designed virtual world. [more...]

Jun 2020 25

Indochine’s music video for the latest single “Nos célébrations” premieres today 21:00 CET (watch it below). [more...]

Jun 2020 26

Swedish new romantic band Lustans Lakejer will broadcast a live concert from KB in Malmö tomorrow at 9 pm CET. [more...]

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