Jul 2019 21

Hatari have announced 18 “Europe Will Crumble” dates in January-April 2020. [more...]

Jul 2019 22

Ex-Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür recently celebrated his birthday, and put up a post on social media where he announced he’s working on a new album.


DDR in focus on Rhys Fulber’s upcoming album – listen
Jul 2019 28

Front Line Assembly’s Rhys Fulber has kept himself busy, and is already getting ready to release his second solo album under his own name.


Jul 2019 29

We have added new dates for Nitzer Ebb, Rein and Hatari as well as additions to the electriXmas and Kalabalik på Tyrolen festivals. There’s also a new event called Quad with Iris, Page and others in Gothenburg. Check out these and more in or Nordic live guide On Stage (the rest of the magazine is global).

Jul 2019 29

After The Cure’s bass player Simon Gallup was unable to perform live at the Japanese Fuji Festival, last weekend, his son Eden took his place. [more...]

Jul 2019 29

The annual electriXmas one-day fest in Malmö, Sweden, has booked all acts but one. [more...]

Electropop project New Division tackles sleep deprivation on the road
Jul 2019 30

LA’s John Kunkel is preparing his next New Division album “Hidden Memories” (Division 87, Progress) and the first single “Fascination” is out now. It’s a laidback electropop tune touching the side effects of being on the road in the US. [more...]

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