Jun 2019 19

We have updated our Spotify playlist “Releasemagazine.net | New Music”.

Check out new tracks from She Past Away, Cryo, Editors, Henric de la Cour, Rex the Dog, Electric Youth, God Module and Indochine (a mix). More to follow soon.

Jun 2019 22

Front 242 have released a number of new live dates across, mostly, northern and eastern Europe. [more...]

Fix8:Sed8 – vintage industrial for darker times
Jun 2019 23

If you like North American and German old school industrial from the 80:s and 90:s with complex textures, vocal samples, hypnotic melodies and well-programmed drums, you should check out the new album from Fix8:Sed8 (”Fixate Sedate”). [more...]

Jun 2019 24

Flying Lotus surprised many by announcing a secret pop-up shop and live performance last Friday to celebrate the release of his new album “Flamagra”. [more...]

Rammstein announces 2020 stadium tour
Jun 2019 25

Rammstein have announced a number of 2020 city destinations in social media. [more...]

Jun 2019 26

Rammstein have now revealed the exact plan for their 2020 stadium tour. Concert tickets go on sale on July 5th. Nordic dates are in On Stage and the complete schedule can be found below. [more...]

Jun 2019 28

As many will be aware, Warp Records turns 30 this year, and ever the innovators, they decided to do something a little out of the ordinary. [more...]

Jun 2019 28

Our Nordic live guide On Stage is updated daily. The latest additions: Rammstein (stadium tour), Front 242, Rein (Liseberg), Lust for Youth, Uniform, Adolphson & Falk and more.

Our Spotify playlist updated with Hatari, Boytronic, Rotersand +7
Jun 2019 28

We have updated our Spotify playlist “Releasemagazine.net | New Music”. Check out 10 new additions from Hatari, Boytronic, Rotersand, Marsheaux, Machinista, Fix8:Sed8, Hocico, Centhron, A Spell Inside and Linea Aspera. [more...]

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