Apr 2016 20

In the video recording below, Iceland’s Legend and Sólstafir perform Legend’s “Runaway Train” live in an industrial building next to Legend’s Studio Neptunus.  [more...]

First taste from new Henric de la Cour album – on USB single
Apr 2016 21

In one week, on April 29, the first taste from the upcoming Henric de la Cour album will see the day of light – on a USB card. [more...]

New Combichrist album to be released on June 3
Apr 2016 23

“This Is Where Death Begins” is the title of the new album from Norwegian-American industrial rock band Combichrist.  [more...]

Apr 2016 26

The enormous cast list for the new Twin Peak season has been released. [more...]

New Marsheaux album in June – listen to new single here
Apr 2016 26

The fifth album by Greek synthpop duo Marsheaux will be called “Athlon” (from Athens and London) and is set for a June 16 release.


Booking period for Kalabalik på Tyrolen festival
Apr 2016 27

The annual Swedish music festival for underground electronic music, wave and postpunk Kalabalik på Tyrolen, will announce new live acts every week now. [more...]

Listen to Henric de la Cour’s new single “Two Against One”
Apr 2016 28

Listen to Henric de la Cour’s new The Sisters of Mercy-influenced (?) single “Two Against One” below. It will be released tomorrow and is the first taste from his new album.

Don’t miss the Release Magazine tweets
Apr 2016 30

Don’t miss our Twitter account: twitter.com/ReleaseMusicMag. Many of our tweets contain stuff that can’t be found on this web site (news, retweets, tips, comments etc). Follow us (if you’re not doing it already)!

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