Out of Line distances itself from new Funker Vogt vocalist
Dec 2014 18

German EBM band Funker Vogt’s label Out of Line writes they have no interest in a collaboration with the new Funker Vogt vocalist, Sacha Korn aka Sick Man. And the 3 Funker Vogt members have just published one statement each, following an intial statement including the words “no politics just music”. [more...]

Nivek Ogre and Bill Leeb performed “Assimilate” together
Dec 2014 18

Nivek Ogre (Skinny Puppy) and Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly) performed “Assimilate” together in Vancouver last night, as the encore. Leeb was a member of Vancouver band Skinny Puppy when “Assimilate” was recorded. [more...]

Electronic Winter is upon us
Dec 2014 19

Now (December 20) it’s time for the annual Gothenburg festival Electronic Winter (where Release is a media partner). Combichrist (Norway/USA), William Control (USA, pic), Twice a Man (Sweden), Digidroid (Sweden, Thermostatic side project) and Telemark (Sweden, Aesthetic Perfection side project with Elliot Berlin) are the main acts at the Brewhouse venue. [more...]

Electronic Summer: first 3 live acts booked – 2 concerts with VNV Nation
Dec 2014 21

Electronic Summer (Gothenburg, August 27-30, 2015) revealed the first 3 live acts at last night’s Electronic Winter festival: VNV Nation, Psyche and Me the Tiger. VNV Nation will play 2 nights, with different set lists – one alternative and one with hits.


Front 242 – Debaser Medis – Stockholm – December 14 2014 – gallery
Dec 2014 22

Front 242 visited Sweden for 2 successful shows in Malmö and Stockholm in mid December. Release web developer and photographer Jonas Carlson Almqvist went to the Stockholm concert and here is his gallery with 21 pictures. [more...]

Dec 2014 23

With the new review of Iamamiwhoami’s “Blue”, we have published 200 reviews in our 2,5 year old WordPress system. We also have 1675 reviews of albums, singles, compilation albums, DVD:s, books etc in our old system, which can still be accessed. So, 1875 in total on the web – and a couple of 100 in the printed Release Magazines from the 80:s and 90:s.

Iamamiwhoami’s “Blue” album video series complete
Dec 2014 23

With the final chapter “Shadowshow”, Iamamiwhoami’s “Blue” album video series is now complete. Read Peter Marchione’s album review and watch “Shadowshow” below. [more...]

Adolphson & Falk – Stora Teatern – Gothenburg – November 28 2014 – gallery
Dec 2014 23

Fredrik “Schlatta” Wik took a few photographs at Adolphson & Falk’s concert at Storan in Gothenburg. Browse the gallery below. [more...]

Dec 2014 23

It’s time for Release Magazine’s annual Best of-lists. We publish them one by one and first out is Johan Carlsson. [more...]

The Klinik performed final show – update with statement from Dirk Ivens
Dec 2014 30

Last Saturday, The Klinik performed their very last show, and we hear it was a great concert with good sound. [more...]

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