May 2014 16

Our latest reviews are of the new albums from Front Line Assembly, Kent, Scaremeister (Cevin Key project) and Nimon.

Xenturion Prime album “Mecha Rising” in 1 month
May 2014 19

Code 64 men Bjørn Marius Borg and Hans-Olof Mattsson have completed the first Xenturion Prime album in their studio Spacebound. “Mecha Rising” is scheduled for June 18. [more...]

Details on the 10th Deine Lakaien album
May 2014 20

Deine Lakaien have announced their 10th studio album: “Crystal Palace” (August 8). “Crystal Palace” will hold 10 songs, with an additional 3 on the Special Edition.


May 2014 22

Synthpop veterans Rational Youth and Psyche just toured Scandinavia together and have just announced a 5-date German tour in October. Rational Youth will also perform an additional show without Psyche.


May 2014 22

Our latest reviews are of the new albums from Little Dragon, Vanguard, Plaid and Vogon Poetry.

EBM band Funker Vogt continues with new vocalist
May 2014 23

Last year, the vocalist of German EBM band Funker Vogt, Jens Kästel, departed. But this was not the end of Funker Vogt. Mastermind Gerrit Thomas says a new vocalist is hired, although his identity is yet to be revealed. [more...]

Electronic Summer initiates Depeche Mode fan documentary
May 2014 26

The Gothenburg synthpop and EBM festival Electronic Summer will host a Depeche Mode covention on August 30, as part of this year’s festival. They have initiated the production of a Depeche Mode fan video documentary with the working title “The Depeche Mode fans of Gothenburg”.


Synthpop duo Erasure announces 16th album and 59-date tour
May 2014 27

Synthpop duo Erasure has just announced a new album – their 16th – and a new, extensive tour with a stunning total of 59 concerts. [more...]

May 2014 28

Some of the additions to our Live Guide On Stage: DAF, Erasure, Keluar, Page, Fixmer/McCarthy, The Mobile Homes and Ashbury Heights.

Carbon Based Lifeforms, Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 28 2014 – gallery
May 2014 30

Fredrik “Schlatta” Wik brought his camera and shot ambient duo Carbon Based Lifeforms, when they performed live together with vocalist Ester in their hometown Gothenburg. [more...]

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