Peter Marchione


Closure: “Closure”
A Kent and Mew related project popped up from nowhere and totally blew me away.

Susanne Sundfør: “Ten Love Songs”
This lady needs no introduction for our readers – and not for anyone who enjoy this kind of music with a backbone of musical competence and variation.

IAMX: “Metanoia”
A true album, with the old-fashioned flow and consistency. Plus great songs, of course.

Chvrches: “Every open Eye”
Their sense of melodies and hooks is a valid excuse for jealousy from other musicians, me included.

The Airborne Toxic Event: “Dope Machines”
This band jumps between genres in a way that probably is diagnosable. “Dope Machines” could well be the missing link between The Killers and Nine Inch Nails.

Soulsavers: “Kubrick”
This band is way more than a backing track to Mr Gahan’s vocals.

Dear Strange: “Lonely Heroes”
You rarely pull off a debut album like this. Spot on!

Agent Side Grinder: “Alkimia”
They keep refining their sound and are becoming a role model for this genre.

Dead When I Found Her: “All the Way down”
Definitely not to be considered original but they know how to hit that good ol’ FLA/Puppy/Nettwerk nerve in me.


Kite: “Nocturne”
Suggestive, slow and superior.

Closure: “Snowflakes in Spring”
Anything that initially reminds me of Kate Bush will turn into gold.

Susanne Sundfør: “Delirious”
The very anthem of electronic pop 2015.

The Airborne Toxic Event: “One Time Thing”
I repeated this track so many times last year that I had to edit my Spotify history.

Silent Wave: “Dancing away from You”
Gothenburg electronica pop keeps popping up occasionally, every time with brilliant results.

City Calm Down: “Rabbit Run”
Retro feeling with an overwhelming honesty.

ANOHNI: “4 Degrees”
A new moniker, more electronic, but still the Antony Hegarty we all love.

Live artist

I wish I had the chance to catch Jonna & Claes live but the “Concert in Blue” release gave me a decent substitute.

I didn’t know what to expect before their performance during the legendary club Blå tribute night, but they certainly ruled this evening. With all original members on stage during the closing track (“Drifter”, of course) the concert turned into a mass – Halelujah folks!



Stockholm based indietronica act on the Ingrid label. You have to check them out!

Dear Strange
French German Friendship FTW! While one might argue that the band existed before 2015 their first “real” release was last year (as far as I know). Nevermind; I must have them on this list so…

Thoughts of Jacon
Progressive electronica without the overdoing tendencies.



The Airborne Toxic Event
I never get a grip of what this band really is about, and that is part of the beauty.

Martin Sköld, Ninsun Poli Johan Wohlert; get back to work. I demand an album.

Susanne Sundfør
Probably the overall Release 2015 winner, well deserved.