Mikael Kahrle


Susanne Sundfør: ”Ten Love Songs”
My album of the year arrived early 2015 and stayed with me the whole year.

Dead When I Found Her: ”All the Way Down”
Should make Cevin Key and Bill Leeb jealous. And if this amazing album wasn’t enough, Michael Arthur Holloway throws in a nice bonus disc: ”The Bottom”.

Grimes: ”Art Angels”
Electronic pop culture on a higher level. Grows on you, just like ”Visions” did, and that’s always a good thing. And it’s damn weird, which is also a good thing.

IAMX: ”Metanoia”
Chris returns from hell with an album loaded with nerve and electronics.

Agent Side Grinder: ”Alkimia”
Manifest believed they put out the best Swedish synth album 2015. I agree.

Karin Park: ”Apocalypse Pop”
After ”Shine” and ”Look What You’ve Done”, expectations for the new album were sky high. An edgy, dark electropop album I keep returning to.

Kite: ”VI”
Kite gets darker and more epic. And we all love them.

Dear Strange: ”Lonely Heroes”
On their debut album, this new French-German prism wave (as they call it) duo nails a sound that so many have tried to achieve.

Mind.in.a.box: ”Memories”
You can always count on Austrian electronic music wizard Stefan Poiss. He draws new stunning futuristic landscapes from his emotional, sonic palette.

Twice a Man: ”Presence”
My old friends went for a more classic Twice a Man sound together with returning member Jocke Söderqvist.


Susanne Sundfør: ”Accelerate”
Layer upon layer in a marvelous display of superb talent.

Chvrches: ”Playing Dead”
The highlight on the second album from the Scottish synthpop trio.

Conjure One: “All That You Leave Behind”
In an 8-minute soundtrack to a movie that does not exist, Rhys Fulber works his magic.

Grimes: ”Kill V. Maim”
Electropop from out of this world.

Jean-Michel Jarre & Vince Clarke: “Automatic, Pt. 1 & 2″
This collaboration looked good on paper. And sounds even better in reality.

New Order: ”The Game”
Good old, melancholic New Order (with Gillian back on board) are back. In this song everything falls into place wonderfully.

Beborn Beton: “She Cried”
Camouflage and Neuroticfish also delivered strong German electropop 2015, but I want to highlight Beborn Beton. In this advanced piece, we hear a more mature band and the Olaf Wollschläger production sounds like electropop heaven.

Live artists

Karin Park
As impressive on stage, as on her albums. I had a great time at her Electronic Summer gig.

Agent Side Grinder
A respected live act, for good reason, guested by Henric de la Cour at the Progress fest.





Stay true to their vision year after year.

Susanne Sundfør
Impresses on so many levels.