Johan Carlsson


Haujobb: ”Blendwerk”
Daniel and Dejan go full Sheffield, with a minimal and monotone masterpiece.

Dead When I Found Her: ”All the Way Down”
DWIFH continues his old school industrial Doubting Thomas style sound, but expands it with more modern sounds, and lots of atmosphere.

Chvrches: “Every open Eye”
The Scottish group continues to deliver retro-tinged synthpop. Catchier than ever.

Agent Side Grinder: ”Alkimia”
Stunning electronics mixed with post punk resulting in a very strong album that follows the trail from the former, while making it a bit more radio friendly.

Carpenter Brut: ”Trilogy”
Hardhitting outrun synth that goes to 11.

Conjure One: ”Holoscenic”
New label and an updated but still familiar sound. Immensely beautiful at times.

IAMX: ”Metanoia”
Chris Corner’s long-awaited return to music after a hiatus while he battled insomnia and depression. And what a return it is. His best stuff in years!

Paul Hartnoll: ”8:58”
The Orbital heritage can be heard here, but Paul Hartnoll – one half of Orbital – still manages to carve out his own style and all the different guest vocalists keep things interesting.

Susanne Sundfør: ”Ten Love Songs”
Beautiful and powerful in equal measure. Susanne’s voice is the star, but the songs and compositions are also on point. And any collaborations with Röyksopp are alright in my book.

Kid Kasio: ”Sit and Wait”
Great fun, and chock full of 80:s nostalgia.


Hot Chip: ”Dancing in the Dark”
One of the best covers I’ve heard. It turns the Springsteen classic into a throbbing dance party bonanza.

Carpenter Brut: ”Turbo Killer”
Everything you’d want on a dance floor.

Kite: ”Nocturne”
Haunting and beautiful.

Agent Side Grinder: ”Giants Fall”
ASG goes pop! The most accessible song on ”Alkimia” and I’m still happy when it turns up in my playlist.

Chvrches: ”Playing Dead”
The highlight of the latest album.

Haujobb: ”Little Miss Danger”
If you want a track that tells you what the latest album “Blendwerk” was all about, this is it.

IAMX: ”Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me”
Chris’ vocals break with emotion in this groovy sleazefest of a track.


Live Artists

VNV Nation
Say what you want about the music (I happen to like it), Ronan is still a master of entertaining a crowd.





A stunning return for Chris Corner. After his move to Los Angeles he regained his strength and recorded a great album. Live reports say his live shows are still phenomenal.