Tobias Eliasson


Video Look: “Kall Lycka”
This album contains everything I enjoy with electronic music. Catchy beats, dystopian lyrics (in Swedish!), the sudden impulse to dance and everytime that I listen to it I always think “just one more time…”. Amazing.

Wulfband: “Wulfband”
Speaking of sudden impulses, everytime I listen to Wulfband I just want to kick someone in the face with a shiny Dr Martens boot. I guess that’s a good thing. This is how EBM should be.

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders: “Playmates”
I heard one song in a music store in Newport, Sydney and immediately bought it. The band creates its own little musical universe where rock meets synthesizers meets Nick Cave.

Click Click: “Those Nervous Surgeons”
Impressive comeback and a very nice, personal touch on what industrial music could be in 2014.

Disco Digitale: “Electronic Passion”
In a musical landscape where 80:s electronic sounds seems more popular than ever, my dear friends Disco Digitale does something that many others fail at; writing good songs. Passion indeed.

Keluar: “Keluar”
A new projects with members from Linea Aspera and Schwefelgelb? This has to be good, and of course, it is. Experimental electronics with a very personal touch.

Cryo: “Retropia”
Cryo continues to deliver well produced electro, this time a bit more atmospheric and twisted which I quite enjoy.

Perturbator: “Dangerous Days”
Soundtrack to a dangerous future; danceable and moody. Outrun electro at its finest.

Portion Control: “Unrest in the Grime”
A collection of unreleased demos and outtakes that provides an interesting look into the creation of their latest albums.

Trepaneringsritualen: “Perfection & Permanence”
Some of the finest death industrial comes from Sweden. With this release he took the step out from obscure tape releases and made an album that even got reviewed by Pitchfork.


Dupont: “Corridor”
This is found on the 10th anniversary collection from Progress Productions. I still listen to their 2009 album “Entering the Ice Age” from time to time and hopefully this is to tell us that something new is coming soon.

Simi Nah: “Eisbär”
Amazing cover with guest vocals from Vive La Fête. Brutal Belgian beats!

Röyksopp & Robyn: “Sayit”
Killer track from 2 electronic giants.

Shinedoe feat. Karin Dreijer: “Discourse My New Romance”
I will admit that I got a bit tired on The Knife at the end, but Karin Dreijer still has a great voice and in this collaboration it works wonders.

Youth Code: “For I Am Cursed”
Brutal EBM with excellent vocals. Stays close to the classic Canadian sound, but creates something new and fresh. Brings hope for the future.

Kleerup feat. Susanne Sundfør: “Let Me in”
Susanne Sundfør has a truly unique voice that I really love and while her most well known collaboration is the one with Röyksopp I really enjoyed this track with Kleerup.

Giorgio Moroder: “Giorgio’s Theme”
He starts off with doing some DJ gigs and suddenly we are treated to a new single. This is the B-side of the “74 Is the New 24” single and this is 7 minutes and 40 seconds of distilled Moroder. What a comeback!


Live artists

It’s been a couple of years since I got the chance to see them live and when it comes to putting on a show, few bands work as hard as this old radio station. On stage they grow so much.

Twice A Man
Jocke Söderqvist has returned to the band which takes Twice a Man to another step. The new material sounds great; really looking forward for the upcoming album.

Röyksopp & Robyn
I saw the show at Way Out West and I don’t think I have ever seen a show change so much. The start with Röyksopp was kind of uninspiring, the second part with Robyn way better, but the last part when they joined forces was just great.


Video Look
One of the strongest debut albums I have ever heard.

A new powerful force in the world of EBM. Creating something personal that somehow also fits into the existing formula perfectly.

Le Cassette
Nice blend of outrun electro and synthpop that deserved bigger exposure than they got.



Giorgio Moroder
Moroder is back to show us just how pop should sound.

Röyksopp & Robyn
In 2014 we saw the culmination of a great team that made a mark in music history.

Todd Terje
Finally the debut album was released, with a collaboration with Bryan Ferry to top it off. We have only heard the beginning from this talented mind.