Peter Marchione


Iamamiwhoami: ”Blue”
I was blown away by ”Fountain” and actually didn’t expect the whole album to be this great.

Lamb: ”Backspace Unwind”
For me it is very comforting having this band around that completely master programming, singing and song writing.

Einstürzende Neubauten: ”Lament”
This great, respectful take on WW1 proves that Neubauten is more of a cultural institution than ever.

Paul Kendall: ”Family Value Pack”
Electronic music as far as one could probably get from standard house music in 2014 AD, thank God!

Jon Hopkins: ”Asleep Versions”
Extremely mellow and extremely good.

The Raveonettes: ”Pe’ahi”
Hey; what could possibly go wrong with harmonies from the 50:s, loops from the 90:s and distortion pedals from the 80:s?

Beck: ”Morning Phase”
I don’t follow Beck Hansen’s every step like I did before but somehow his albums never miss my attention or disappoint me.

Tricky: ”Adrian Thaws”
Hm, both Lamb and Tricky on my 2014 list. Before you all start harassing me for being trapped in the 90:s, have a listen! Neither of these two albums are any retro-experiences but relevant music for any age.


Emmon: ”Alone”
Swedish electropop lady presents her best tune, so far. Reminds me a bit of princess Stéphanie of Monaco’s singles back in the 80:s – minus the kitch.

Iamamiwhoami: ”Fountain”
This video has more than 800k views on YouTube and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m responsible for at least one third of them.

Machinista: ”Take Comfort in Being Sad”
I try to crush my synthpop persona, but tunes like this render me completely defenseless.

The Raveonettes: ”Summer Ends”
Sune gets to terms with his relationship with his dad. Very honest lyrics combined with a catchy, yet melancholic, melody. Just the way we like it.

Röyksopp & Jamie McDermott: ”You Know I Have to Go”
One of the slow tracks on last year’s ”The Inevitable End” album and definitely one of the strongest tunes of 2014.

Live artist

I was completely transfixed throughout their complete set at Electronic Summer 2014.



Synthpop made the right way.

Silent Wave
Gothenburg indie electronica duo that got it all right.



Jonna, Claes & co: You simply rule.