Mikael Kahrle


Iamamiwhoami: “Blue”
The first video and song “Fountain” from “Blue” was released back in January 2014. I was hooked right away and then great new songs popped up one by one throughout the year.

Keluar: “Keluar”
Made a big impression on me with their cold and minimalistic, yet powerful tunes. The songs are often pushed to the edge which adds nerve and tension.

Röyksopp: “The Inevitable End”
One of the most talented electronic acts of their generation.

Wulfband: ”Wulfband”
A fun knock-out debut from the EBM scene’s most mysterious duo.

Rome: ”A Passage to Rhodesia”
Jerome Reuter’s tenth album in as many years. And quite a project this is.

Iris: ”Radiant”
I’ve not exactly been a fan of this soft but skilled US synthpop duo but the laidback and mature comeback album “Radiant” really grew on me.

Youth Code: “A Place to Stand”
Kick-ass industrial EP. The duo from LA that almost everyone, including tour mates Skinny Puppy and FLA, seem to love.

Thyx: ”Super Vision”
Talented Austrian Stefan Poiss continues to produce good electronic albums – now under the Thyx flag.

Laibach: ”Spectre”
Our favourite Slovenians bring many styles to the table this time.

Cryo: ”Retropia”
Too few bands work in this field of dark cybertech music these days. But even with more competition, Cryo would stand out, especially since they incorporate atmospherics.


Kite: “True Colours”
Truly great songwriting and nerve once again from Nicklas and Christian.

Susanne Sundfør: “Fade Away”
Another hit after the previous Röyksopp & Sundfør tracks “Ice Machine” and “Running to the Sea”. She’s always trying her best to make each and every song interesting and a bit weird.

Iamamiwhoami: “Fountain”
One of the songs and videos that I have played the most 2014.

Lamb: ”In Binary”
A crisp and magic piece, also the best one on their 2014 comeback album “Backspace Unwind”.

Wulfband: “3, 2, 1 Nein”
The cool album starter and you understand right away that this album will be a terrific EBM ride.

Röyksopp & Robyn: “Monument – The Inevitable End Version”
It feels good to be a Scandinavian these days when there’s such plethora of good artists within the alternative electronic music field.

Karin Park: “Look What You’ve Done”
More Scandinavian talent. An irresistible synthpop hit with weight and coolness.

Live artists

The Klinik
What was probably my last visit to a Klinik concert (after all, they have quit now) was also an enjoyable one with energy, good sound and a nice audience.

A short but impressive performance at Electronic Summer. Vocalist Krummi has tons of stage experience from his days with Icelandic altrock/hardcore darlings Minus.

One of many powerful gigs at the Amphi festival in July.



I have talked to 3 people (!) who have broken their glasses at Wulfband gigs. And we don’t even know who Wulfsband is. Makes other EBM bands look tired, boring and uninventive.

For many years, I was fed up with American industrial as there were an endless row of mediocre promo albums sent to Release. But Cocksure deliver a quality retro Wax Trax sound.

Silent Wave
Interesting Gothenburg indie/electro duo which might have a bright future.



A uniqe, brave artist that once again hypnotized us with audio-visual marvels.

One of the most impressive new synth acts with a raw back to the basics sound.

Susanne Sundfør
It often gets interesting when a trained musician and vocalist with a different background enters the world of alternative synthpop.