Fredrik Schlatta Wik


Daily Planet: “Two”
Another long wait was over in 2014, Daily Planet returns with even more Yazoo- and Erasuresqueness than the originals.

Röyksopp: “The Inevitable End”
Norwegian masterminds.

Erasure: “The Violet Flame”
Andy and Vince made their best album in over a decade, that is enough to get them on my list any day.

Cryo: “Retropia”
A solid almost overly well produced album. Impressive.

Lisa Gerrard: “The Twilight Kingdom”
A filmic masterpiece.

Disco Digitale: “Electronic Passion”
Yes they are my friends and yes I helped with the artwork. It is still one damn good record. Swedish italo mayhem, and well produced.


Kite: “True Colours”
The song I listened most to in 2014, even though it was released (officially) in November.

Susanne Sundfør: “Fade away”
Susanne Sundfør goes synthpop – the glory!

Emmon: “Alive”
Could be the best song I have heard from Emma. Moody, addictive and elusive.

Thermostatic: “Animal”
A new Thermostatic song, and quite a new sound as well, let’s hope for an album in 2015.

Celluloide: “Gris”
French electro band goes EBM, I like it.

Mitch Murder: “Interceptor”
Title track from the best outrun electro album of the year.

Zhala: “Prophet”
Weird tempo changes and hypnotic beat.

Live artists

Susanne Sundfør
She made my cry at a concert – crying at a concert at 39 years of age, damn her.

Andy Bell singing, Vince Clarke smiling (inside). Still the best 40 quid you can spend on a concert.

Lady Gaga
“The Artpop Tour” was insane; I have never seen such an elaborate stage design.



It was a very long time I got so beaten up at a concert. Good times!



I do not care if only Ralf remains of the classic lineup; this is the Kraftwerk organism 2014. Fritz and Henning have been serving robots longer than Wolfgang and Karl.