Tobias Eliasson


Pet Shop Boys: “Electric” Spotify
As the title suggests, a truly electronic album from the masters of pop. “Axis” is an excellent piece where the boys once again show how they stay in the forefront of pop music.

Architect: “Mine” Spotify
Perhaps the best stuff Daniel Myer ever has done. So far that is! I still keep finding new things on this album, it’s just so full with different layers.

The Klinik: “Eat Your Heart out” Spotify
A triumphant return from some of the masters in the scene, if you ask me. Dark and disturbing, just like it should be.

Pouppée Fabrikk: “The Dirt” Spotify
And speaking of masters in the scene, a new album from Sweden’s finest was a very nice surprise. The best part being that it totally kicks ass with everything else in the classic EBM-genre at the moment.

Soldout: “More” Spotify
I found the track “94” on YouTube, and before the video was finished I had ordered the album. Stylish electronic pop like it should be done, check it out.

Skinny Puppy: “Weapon” Spotify
A more pop-oriented album, but it feels like they have more fun than ever. Retro but updated at the same time.

Disclosure: “Settle” Spotify
After some singles and remixes these brothers from Surrey released a stunning album in 2013. Filled with guest artists and mixing house and garage into a wonderful electronic blend.

FM Attack: “Deja Vu” Spotify
80:s music taken into the future on this album that shows just how much this synthwave-genre is here to stay.

Position Parallele: “Neon Blancs” Spotify
It took 5 years, but finally the difficult second album is here. He has been busy with Derniere Volonte of course, but I like this minimal electronic project better.

Die Krupps: “The Machinists of Joy” Spotify
They are back and sounds better than ever. Like with Skinny Puppy they just seem to have fun together and that energy gets through to us for sure.



bob hund: “Åh döds” Spotify
A killer track and the vocals from Thomas Öberg really touched me. A band that has been re-inventing themselves since day one.

The Juggernauts: “Phoenix” Spotify
My favourite EBM-track of the year that finally got a proper release. An album in 2014 please?

Carpenter Brut: “Looking for Tracy Tzu” Spotify
This has been going non-stop in my stereo. So so dark, but so so great. Check out their videos as well.

Facit: “Broschyr” Spotify
My favourite Minimal Wave-track of the year, released on the Minimal Wave sublabel Cititrax.

Lindström & Todd Terje: “Lanzarote” Spotify
Because sometimes you need a smile on your face.


Live artists

The Klinik
I finally got to see them live and despite high expectations, I wasn’t disappointed a bit. One of the best live bands in the genre for sure, more vital and alive than ever in the stereo, and now live as well I can report.

So many bands have reunited lately, it’s so fun to see bands that just loves to be on stage and having an audience again. Neil’s voice is great and the sound is just the way we want it.

In the middle of a sunny festival I enter a tent to be greeted by people in black with distorted guitars and I love it.



Joakim from Gothenburg deserves to go far and this is a great start.

Silent Wave
Another new electronic pop project from Gothenburg that sounds very promising. They have a great sound and with great vocals, you just can’t go wrong.

How will they follow up this debut? It will be interesting to hear where this project goes next.



Depeche Mode
Good album, good concerts and I got some hope for the future again.

Just outside my personal top 10, but they are a very important artist that during the year showed that synthpop could be brought back to the general public again.

The Klinik
Welcome back, you have been missed.


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