Peter Marchione


David Lynch: “The Big Dream” Spotify
When not filming he sure creates cinematic tunes. Dim the lights and pour the drinks – this must be the obvious lounge soundtrack of 2013.

Boards of Canada: “Tomorrow’s Harvest” Spotify
I was afraid of expecting too much, or even expecting anything. In hindsight; I should have expected the best electronic album in years.

Chvrches: “The Bones of What You Believe” Spotify
Sometimes synthpop reaches the world outside and becomes mainstream. This album really deserved it. Everybody was apparently blown away by Chvrches, me included!

Tindersticks: “Les Salauds” Spotify
Another Tindersticks soundtrack to a Claire Denis film. Hey; what could possibly go wrong?

Download: “Lingam” Spotify
A perfect blend of analogue madness and electronic hooks. Electronic music as well balanced as the “Lingam” album is a very rare thing.

Arcade Fire: “Reflektor” Spotify
The Butler family and friends release a more obscure and darker rendition of Roxy Music that makes you want to slide around in velour clothes, drinking dry martinis – all day long.

Skinny Puppy: “Weapon” Spotify
Some might blame them for taking this retro short cut but still; if you were part of inventing a scene – you get away with this. Definitely the puppies most relevant post-reunion release. More pop than ever – it sure ain’t dead yet!

Editors: “The Weight of Your Love” Spotify
Far more mature sounding than what I expected but still a very good album.

Blixa Bargeld & Teho Teardo: “Still Smiling” Spotify
This match made in heaven brings us back to the state in between Neubauten’s “Tabula Rasa” and “Ende Neu” albums.

Shadow Shadow: “Riviera” Spotify
Retro-modern songs with loads of ambience and hit potential all over. If there were such a thing as a “goose bumps award”, Shadow Shadow would have a shelf full of them.



Gesaffelstein: “Pursuit” Spotify
While the fulllength debut “Aleph” didn’t quite do it for me I must still give credit to this single track. Gesaffelstein proves that EBM can sneak into the mainstream simply by wearing more conventional clothes. This is like Portion Control under cover, dressed up like art directors.

Henric de la Cour: “Chasing Dark” Spotify
While I felt that the album sounded bit muted this song shows de la Cour at his very best melodic behaviour.

Tindersticks: “Put Your Love in Me” Spotify
Sometimes less is actually more…

Shadow Shadow: “1000001” Spotify
Just listen!

Architect: “Closer” Spotify
Daniel Myer slows things down and gives us a layered and extremely beautiful listening experience.


Live Artists

A Kite concert is the perfect exposure of nice music and more hardware synths on stage than what is common practice these days.



I honestly tried disliking this band since they’re way too catchy for a grumpy old man. I failed, of course. Great pop music like this kicks ass – big time.



To me, the baby puppy got bigger than the mother dog long ago.


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