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Chvrches: “The Bones of What We Believe” Spotify
It’s a rare treat these days to see a new synthpop band break this big. But with a perfect debut album all doors are open for this Glasgow trio.

Marnie: “Crystal World” Spotify
More quality electronic pop with a Glasgow connection. Ladytron’s Helen Marnie went to Iceland to record a solo album which turned out to be just as beautiful, melancholic, melodic and downright impressive as any good Ladytron album.

Die Krupps: “Machinists of Joy” Spotify
A band I used to love in the early/mid 90:s and I did what I could to support them back then. I have co-organised concerts with them twice as well as put them on the front page of the printed Release. Old pros in mint condition.

Red Mecca: “You Were Never Here” Spotify
Jan Strandqvist and Frida Madeleine from Northern Sweden take us on a hypnotic, mind-expanding, electronic trip.

Skinny Puppy: “Weapon” Spotify
I have loved the “Remission” bodypop sound since the first day I heard it and for some reason it has almost never been reproduced – neither by Skinny Puppy nor by others – so I embrace this retro trip and update of the very first Puppy sound picture.

Nine Inch Nails: “Hesitation Marks” Spotify
Less rock cliches, more electronics and melodies.

Front Line Assembly: “Echogenetic” Spotify
The sound and production is mindblowing and even if the songs don’t always take off it’s quite a good album after another good, different album, “Airmech”.

Henric de la Cour: “Mandrills” Spotify
An excellent follow-up with some song greatness in “Grenade” and “Chasing Dark”, to name just two gems.

Kite: “V” Spotify
I welcome the slightly tougher and cooler sound, clearly on display in my favourite tracks on this their fifth EP: “The Rhythm” and “I Can’t Stand”.

Thyx: “Below the City” Spotify
Austrian electronic music wizard Stefan Poiss waves his wand over yet another great full-length not far from his main project Mind.in.a.box in strength.



Gesaffelstein: ”Pursuit” Spotify
An EBM and techno monster let out by a French – and not German – DJ. The video is just as powerful.

Chvrches: “Science/Visions” Spotify
I could pick any of the great hits like “Lies” or “Recover” but I want to mention this song that sends shivers down my spine each time.

Henric de la Cour: “Chasing Dark” Spotify
A master of his craft at work.

Red Mecca: “Love and Hate” Spotify
An odd magical piece, defying musical categorization.

Skinny Puppy: “Solvent” Spotify
Deliciously twisted industrial pop.


Live artists

Their Gothenburg show was really something, full of energy and with a special light show created by the local organizers.

Great to finally see Gabi and Robert in Gothenburg and they were in a good mood. One of the historically most important bands in the Gothenburg EBM scene.

Depeche Mode
I had almost given up on the (formerly) best band in the world so I am so relieved they did not make a fool of themselves this time. Far from the golden years concerts but I really enjoyed many of the songs, like “But Not Tonight”, and the stage show.



That’s what I call kick-starting a career.

Front Line Assembly side project started in style.





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