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Jon Hopkins: “Immunity” Spotify
A fantastic combination of ambient, glitchy techno and beautiful melodies. Classically trained Hopkins has created an awesome, unique sounding album that is a possible contender for best album of 2013 for me.

Depeche Mode: “Delta Machine” Spotify
Full disclosure: I’ve created my own version of “Delta Machine”, by removing some of the songs and inserting all of the bonus tracks from the deluxe edition. This version is brilliant and it feels good to put Depeche on a list like this again.

Mesh: “Automation Baby” Spotify
The Bristol lads are back in style after some (imho) lacklustre albums. And they do it by releasing an album that’s up there with their absolute best, filled to the brim with potential hits.

Kite: “V” Spotify
“V” contains some of the best songs Kite has ever recorded, and in a slightly darker and harder direction.

Front Line Assembly: “Echogenetic” Spotify
This return to an all electronic FLA is also a return to form. Pure unadulterated fun and with flashbacks to both “Caustic Grip” and “Tactical Neural Implant”.

Pet Shop Boys: “Electric” Spotify
Neil and Chris employed the producing talents of Stuart Price, and it resulted in a hit filled electro pop bonanza reminding us of their heyday.

Henric de la Cour: “Mandrills” Spotify
Henric hurls himself forward, and his second solo album is both more electronic and in my opinion better than the first. Lots of great songs here.

Ohm: “Ohm”
Chris Peterson from FLA, Decree, Delerium et al, and Craig Huxtable from Landscape Body Machine, FLA and Noise Unit both have excellent pedigrees, and they put it to good use here. This new project fuses industrial, electro and 90:s techno with ambient and I’d love to hear more.

Nine Inch Nails: “Hesitation Marks” Spotify
Trent’s return to NIN impressed me a lot, and I like this a lot better than most of his recent albums. Dark, electronic and melodic, just what I like.

Chvrches: “The Bones of What We Believe” Spotify
OK, I realize my list is filled to the brim with men who have been in the game for a long time. I’m ashamed. But luckily female fronted newcomers Chvrches also belong on the list with their excellent debut album.



Jon Hopkins: “Collider” Spotify
A rolling, glitchy, limping, yet somehow thunderous and groovy beat kicks off, instantly transporting us into unknown territory. This massive track is a sci-fi movie you can dance to!

Chase & Status: “International (Skrillex Remix)” Spotify
I dare you to sit still when this is playing. You can’t.

Architect: “Altitude” Spotify
His album “Mine” almost ended up on my list but didn’t quite make it. But this track is simply fantastic.

Front Line Assembly: “Killing Grounds” Spotify
The fattest bass of 2013, and an explosive return of Vancouver’s finest.

Ohm: “Brute”
The best song on the debut album, with a bit of Will influences.


Live Artists




A handful of singles are the only thing I have to hold on to, but I really like what they’re doing. Swedish lyrics and synthpop that doesn’t just emulate what others are doing. Looking forward to the album.

Possibly the biggest synthpop debut in recent years, and with a great debut album it’s not hard to see why.

You know me, every new FLA related side project is a possible favourite. And this is no exception.



Depeche Mode
I missed them when they played live, but to still be able to create great music 30 years into their career is astounding. And they’re still playing huge venues all over the world.

They show us thats synthpop can be huge, if packaged correctly. And with the right songs of course.

Jon Hopkins
He’s on top of a lot of “best of” lists this year, and for good reason. After releasing several albums that didn’t get much notice, he’s finally hit the jackpot with “Immunity”.


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