Fredrik Schlatta Wik


Skinny Puppy: “Weapon” Spotify
Canadian masters rediscover youthful playfulness.

Die Krupps: ”The Machinists of Joy” Spotify
Classic EBM themes with upgraded sound and production. Steel, industry and hard work.

Pouppée Fabrikk: ”The Dirt” Spotify
Gritty, hard hitting, sometimes borderlining filmic soundscapes.

OMD: “English Electric” Spotify
Melodic synthpop, instantly recognizable.

Pet Shop Boys: “Electric” Spotify
A real return to form. A mix of quite diverse songs sprinkled with some absolute supernova hits coated with pristine production.

Henric de la Cour: “Mandrills” Spotify
Darkness vs electronics, I think it is a draw. About the haunting process we call life.

Gesaffelstein: “Aleph” Spotify
A mix of techno and industrial influences, a bit uneven but I find myself always returning to this album. The artwork is one of the best I’ve ever seen as well.

Architect: “Mine” Spotify
Daniel Myer is a genius. Sometimes you don’t understand the melodies until you are in the right mood, then it dawns on you and makes perfect sense.

Kavinsky: “Outrun” Spotify
Finally a full-length album from Kavinsky. It is a journey through everything that makes the outrun electro genre special to me.

Goldfrapp: “Tales of Us” Spotify
Alison Goldfrapp delivers her best lyrics yet I think; really moving stories about people and their lives. The videos for the songs make the whole project come together.



Sigur Rós: “Brennisteinn” Spotify
I listen to it almost everyday. Icelandic darkness and a unique sound – this song is sending shivers down my spine. Glorious.

Pet Shop Boys: “Love Is a Bourgeois Construct” Spotify
Up there amongst the everlasting hits from Neil and Chris.

Hjärta: “Snälla, håll käft” Spotify
This was the soundtrack for me last year.


Live artists

Sigur Rós
One of the very few concert experiences were I found tears running down my face.

You can’t deny the importance of Kraftwerk. I am so fed up with the barrage of comments that Kraftwerk is not Kraftwerk without Florian, Karl and Wolfgang. No it is not the same, it is Kraftwerk of today, and the technical brilliance of all parts of the performance is beyond compare.

Gary Numan
For me Gary Numan’s live performances are still getting better and better. This year he brought an advanced almost blinding light setup for his “Splinter” tour. But what lingers is the fact that his voice is better than ever and he seems to enjoy playing live more than ever.



Swedish pop, catchy melodies and good lyrics makes this the best newcomer for me, although I know them personally.



Is there anything they haven’t done? An array of hits, a cover album, an ambient album, remixes, an acoustic album and to top it off: a Christmas album, and a good one it is. I salute you Vince and Andy, you are a true inspiration.