Mike Whyte


Grimes: “Visions” Spotify
An album that has grown on many people, me included.

Various Artists: “Bleep Compilation”
If you need an electronic music masterclass, you need look no further.

Hot Chip: “In Our Heads” Spotify
At one time they may have seemed like a novelty act – not any more.

Toy: “Toy” Spotify
Psychedelia is back via this London outfit – as re-imagined for the 2010:s.

Orbital: “Wonky” Spotify
Back down with the kids – except when they try to be down with the kids.

Air: “Le Voyage Dans La Lune” Spotify
It took my breath away at the start of the year. And by year’s end, it still does.

Saint Etienne: “Words and Music” Spotify
Underrated album from I feel an underrated band.

Actress: “R.I.P.” Spotify
The aural equivalent of watching a horror movie – amazingly intriguing album.

Flying Lotus: “Until the Quiet Comes”
Just when you thought you had him pegged, an album sealed with a new Thom Yorke collaboration leaves the path as wide open as ever for Flying Lotus.



Katy B: “Danger EP”
Not one song, but an EP:s worth – each strong enough to jostle for album attention.

TNGHT: “Higher Ground” Spotify
Hudson Mohawke collaborates with Lunice and suddenly we have the most potent dancefloor duo of the year.

Grimes: “Oblivion” Spotify
The best track from one of my artists of the year – frighteningly talented.

MIA: “Bad Girls” Spotify
It seems I have one of her tracks in my best of list every year – all I can say is – if she keeps makes ‘em this good, I’ll keep putting ‘em in.


Live Artists

I’ve seen this band twice this year: one an intimate gig, the other a festival – both times they packed the place out. On their way to big things I feel.

Can’t bring myself to say I like the music – but boy does this guy put on a show!

Friendly Fires
I saw a lot of great shows this year – but this group topped the scales for pure energy.






Who else – what a year she has had; a one-woman rave machine.

Mostly Robot
Didn’t make my live category in a really strong year – but great music from this electronic supergroup fonted by Jamie Lidell.

Buraka Som Sistema
Always consistently awesome, and getting better year by year.