Johan Carlsson

Kid Kasio: “Kasiotone” Spotify
Playfully stealing entire melodies from old eighties classics, Kid Kasio still manages to create his own brand of catchy synthpop.

Lights: “Siberia” Spotify
Possibly the album I’ve listened to the most this year. Brilliant and cocky dubstep/synthpop/pop.

Orbital: “Wonky” Spotify
They’re back! After a long hiatus the brothers worked it out and mixed a wild concoction of quirky melodies, atmospheres and fat beats.

Celldweller: “Wish Upon a Blackstar” Spotify
It took Klayton a good while to release this, but the complete album is finally here. And it rocks! Metal, dubstep and hard electronics in a brutal competition for dominance.

The Temper Trap: “The Temper Trap” Spotify
This Australian indie pop (mixed with electronics) band managed to create some stonking tunes on their second album.

Retronic Voice: “The Awakening” Spotify
Shimmering italo disco made of pure nostalgia. Perfectly executed and with great song writing.

Katatonia: “Dead End Kings” Spotify
Sweden’s finest metal band? This album saw them transform into a Tool-esque prog behemoth with epic, even dramatic songs, accompanied with electronics and strings.

Dead When I Found Her: “Rag Doll Blues” Spotify
It still has a lot of Skinny Puppy influences but the second album moves further into a dreamy, more unique sound.

Lindström: “Smalhans” Spotify
It sounds a lot like how you would expect the new album by Lindström to sound, but when he’s this good at it, why complain? Blippy, dancey instrumentals.

Front Line Assembly: “Airmech” Spotify
Sublime instrumental video game soundtrack which builds on the classic FLA/Noise Unit sound with modern influences.


Front Line Assembly: “Airmech” Spotify
A wildly cinematic and powerful track with beautiful chords and strings.

Henric de la Cour: “Grenade” Spotify
Epic and beautiful.

Lindström: “Faar-i-kaal” Spotify
The blippiest track this side of Kraftwerk, and one that will make you dance.

Lights: “Banner” Spotify
Heavy beats and dubstep bass lines rumble underneath Lights’ clear vocals, creating a tune that just won’t leave my brain.

Retronic Voice: “White Lies” Spotify
Simply  one of this year’s best synthpop tracks.


Live Artists

Heavy and atmospheric at the same time, Orbital could show the newfangled EDM stars like Swedish House Mafia and Avicii a thing or two. This is proper dance music. Now get off my lawn!

Devin Townsend Project
Relentlessly entertaining whilst showing his supreme mastership over his guitar and vocal cords, Devin never disappoints.

Pearl Jam
This gig at the Stockholm Globe Arena was actually one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. A tight live band that managed to get a party rolling in the whole arena. Pure fun.



Retronic Voice
They don’t break any new ground, but they sure can do italo disco with the best of them.

Kid Kasio
Fun and playful synthpop that I hope more people will discover.



A great live show and a great album. Nuff said.

A young, self-made female artist with lots of integrity that serves as a nice counterweight to all the manufactured stuff on the charts today.


10-track Spotify Playlist with tunes from the Album and Song categories