Time again for the biggest annual synth culture event in Scandinavia
Aug 2016 25

The annual 3-day synth music gathering – the biggest in Scandinavia – that is Electronic Summer kicks off today. Over a dozen DJ:s and just as many live acts will take to the stage at the fifth Electronic Summer, among them Das Ich, Grendel, Leæther Strip, Saft, Welle:Erdball and ex-Kraftwerk-er Wolfgang Flür. [more...]

Two weeks left to the Dark Romandie Fest in Geneva
Aug 2016 25

Geneva’s electro-industrial Dark Romandie Fest comprises of three days (9-11 September) with two nights of live music. The top billed live music acts are Dawn of Ashes (US) and Phosgore (DE), with BAK XIII (CH) and Freakangel (EE). [more...]

The Gary Numan film starts theatrical tour, new album awaits
Aug 2016 26

The modern day career challenges of UK based industrial and synthpop legend Gary Numan is the main plot in a new rockumentary. [more...]

Aug 2016 31

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New album with EBM duo Leæther Strip set for December
Aug 2016 31

The new album from Danish EBM duo Leæther Strip is called “Spæctator” and is set for a release in December, on CD, vinyl and digitally. [more...]

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