Susanne Sundfør: Swedish tour
Jan 2016 28

Susanne Sundfør has just announced 4 Swedish live dates. [more...]

Jan 2016 28

Legendary Belgian band Front 242 has just released a new free remix EP on Bandcamp.


Leslie Bayne joins Robert Enforsen at Electronic Winter
Jan 2016 29

Electronic Winter in Gothenburg on January 30 will offer a couple of surprises. [more...]

Welle:Erdball and Wolfgang Flür first headliners to Electronic Summer
Jan 2016 30

Welle:Erdball and Wolfgang Flür are the first two headliners to be hired by Electronic Summer. The annual synthpop and EBM festival’s 2016 edition – the 5th – will be held on August 25-27. [more...]

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