Jan 2015 23

Fredrik “Schlatta” Wik has posted his Best of 2014 lists and a Spotify playlist. Check them out!

Jan 2015 24

Four days ago, electronic music legend Edgar Froese from Tangerine Dream passed away in Vienna. [more...]

DAF quit after 36 years
Jan 2015 26

On January 22, Robert Görl and Gabi Delgado agreed to end DAF after 36 (!) years. [more...]

Kollaps festival interview – it’s the mix that matters
Jan 2015 28

The first Kollaps festival for underground electronic music in Stockholm was successful. So, on January 30-31 it’s time for the second incarnation – a 2-day event on 3 stages with Clock DVA, Youth Code (pic), In Aeternam Vale, Dive, Ancient Methods, Henric de la Cour and lots of others. Kollaps is different. Fewer safe bets like VNV Nation and Page; bands that always play. Instead, more odd and unique bookings uniting the classic synth and the intellegent techno scenes. We talked to Jonas from Kollaps. [more...]

Jan 2015 29

French new wave band Indochine will embark on a “Europe City Club Tour” in April. Four weeks ago, we told you about the Stockholm show and now the full Indochine tour has been announced. [more...]

Nine new live acts to Amphi
Jan 2015 29

Nine new live acts are heading for Amphi in Cologne in July. [more...]

Machinista: new album and live dates
Jan 2015 30

Swedish duo Machinista tells us they are currently working on the final mix of their new album, the follow-up to the popular “Xenoglossy”. But they don’t have a record deal yet (their label shut down) and are looking for one. [more...]

Jan 2015 30

The new single and video – “Pressure” – from Red Mecca is here. Watch the video below.


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