Spoken word artist Maggie Estep dies at 50
Feb 2014 14

Spoken-word poet and novelist Maggie Estep died on Wednesday. She had a heart attack two days before and was just 50.

Estep was known to many Release readers for recording the songs “Luscious Apparatus” and “Control Freak” for Alan Wilder’s Recoil album “Unsound Methods” and some have also heard her spoken word albums.

Feb 2014 17

May 12 should see the return of Swedish pop slash electronica slash new wave slash r’n'b quartet Little Dragon with their 4th studio album, to be called “Nabuma Rubberband”. The US release date is May 13, via Loma Vista Recording. [more...]

New travelogue video from Scottish synthpop trio Chvrches
Feb 2014 18

Scottish synthpop trio Chvrches has put out a new video: “Recover (Travelogue)”, featuring clips from their current tour (concerts, travelling, interviews, TV shows like David Letterman etc). Watch it below. [more...]

Feb 2014 18

Don’t miss our latest reviews – of the latest new albums from Gabi Delgado, The Sound of the Crowd and Seabound.

New ARP Odyssey synthesizer to be released by Korg in 2014
Feb 2014 18

Korg Inc. just announced their development of a “faithful recreation” of the legendary analog synth ARP Odyssey. This cult item from the seventies is definitely one of the key sound sources for many of the Release Magazine artists.


FLA + Sneaker Pimps = true
Feb 2014 19

We can finally reveal the contents of the Front Line Assembly remix album we first reported about last spring. It’s grown a bit since then and now features two new songs (“Contagion” and “Next War”) co-written by Ian Pickering from Sneaker Pimps (!) and a big bunch of remixes by a pretty awesome lineup of remixers. [more...]

Harsh and dark Assemblage 23 side project album is out
Feb 2014 19

Tom Shear is the man behind Assemblage 23, and last year he did a crowdfunding drive for a new side project where he could let out his EBM tendencies. [more...]

Devo founding member Bob Casale dead at 61
Feb 2014 19

Founding Devo member Bob Casale has died at age 61. Alan Myers, drummer, died of brain cancer last year at age 58.

Robots playing on new Squarepusher EP
Feb 2014 24

Squarepusher is set to return with a new 5-track EP “Music for Robots” on April 7. The EP will be the results of a project in which Squarepusher composed for a specially created team of robots, the Z-Machines, along with other selected composers.


Comeback single with synthpop band Thermostatic out now
Feb 2014 25

The new comeback single with synthpop band Thermostatic, “Animal”, that we told you about a while ago is out now in digital form (iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify etc).


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