We wish to thank all that visited the Release Magazine exhibition
Jan 2013 15

We wish to thank all that visited the Release Magazine exhibition at Electronic Winter in Gothenburg last Saturday. [more...]

Combichrist’s “Devil May Cry” soundtrack arrives in 10 days
Jan 2013 15

Combichrist released the song “Feed the Fire” on YouTube today, with scenes from the game it is taken from: “DmC Devil May Cry”. Combichrist have contributed 13 new tracks and 10 classics to the game. We first reported about this in July 2012. [more...]

Jean Michel Jarre selects 11 artists for compilation
Jan 2013 16

This Monday, on January 14, French label InFiné released a compilation of 12 tracks from 11 artists. None other than Jean Michel Jarre selected all tracks. [more...]

Jan 2013 16

Release Magazine’s annual Best of-lists are here. This time, we publish them one by one and first out is Johan Carlsson. [more...]

Seven Trees re-release critically acclaimed industrial CD
Jan 2013 21

Swedish industrial duo Seven Trees re-releases their strong debut album “Embracing the Unknown” from 1997. [more...]

New Rhys Fulber single on Armada in March
Jan 2013 21

Conjure One is the solo project from Rhys Fulber (FLA and Delerium) and he is currently working on a new album, to come out sometime this year. The first single will be called “Under the Gun” and features Leigh Nash on vocals. It’s out on March 25, with a second single called “Still Holding on” due this summer. [more...]

Jan 2013 21

Release Magazine’s Peter Marchione wrote down the best albums, songs, live artists, newcomers and artists of 2012. He also compiled a Spotify playlist (to be found at the bottom of his list page).

Click here to see Peter’s list

Jan 2013 23

It’s time for the next Best of 2012 list; this time from Fredrik “Schlatta” Svensson (who just watched a bunch of Kraftwerk 3D performances in Düsseldorf by the way).

Click here to see Fredrik’s list

Rewind Festival with A Flock of Seagulls and OMD
Jan 2013 23

Rewind – The 80:s Festival at Scone Palace, Pert, Scotland on July 26-28 will be headlined by A Flock of Seagulls, OMD, Howard Jones, Kim Wilde and Nik Kershaw. [more...]

Brand new Die Krupps video for the “Risikofaktor” single
Jan 2013 24

The video for the new Die Krupps single “Risikofaktor” has just been released. “Risikofaktor” (which of course means risk factor in German) is taken from the forthcoming album “The Machinists of Joy”. [more...]

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