Oct 2020 23

We have updated our Spotify playlist with new tracks from Kite, Autechre, Agent Side Grinder, Piston Damp, Train to Spain, Uncreated and Abu Nein.

Oct 2020 28

The third album by former Ladomir member and now highly appreciated electronic music solo artist Anna Öberg will be released on November 6th on Xenophone. [more...]

Oct 2020 30

“Where Do We Go from Here?” is the title of the next Dive album, scheduled for release on Out of Line on December 11th. [more...]

Massive box next for Pouppée Fabrikk
Oct 2020 30

Seemingly out of nowhere it has recently been announced that Swedish EBM giants (literally!) have compiled a huge retrospective box containing more than six hours of music and 94 tracks. [more...]

Open air live session with Karin My – Oct. 31 17:00 CET
Oct 2020 30

After more than a decade of working with bands like Carbon Based Lifeforms, Twice a Man, Hype, Coph Nia and many more, Karin My released three digital singles with four accompanying videos during the first half of 2019. [more...]

Oct 2020 30

We have updated our Spotify playlist with new tracks from Actors, Vogon Poetry, Gunship, Chris Imler and Diorama.

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