Apr 2020 20

The past few weeks we have reviewed The White Door, Pouppée Fabrikk, Squarepusher (EP), The Orb, Octolab, The Birthday Massacre and Roya. Head over to Music reviews.

Apr 2020 23

We have updated our Spotify playlist with new tracks from Youth Code, synthpop pioneers White Door, Squarepusher, Kelly Lee Owens, Die Krupps/Jyrki 69 covering Neon Judgement’s “Chinese Black”, Porn remixed by Combichrist and the post-punk band Jupe Jupe.

Apr 2020 24

Subkult (Trollhättan, Sweden) is the latest festival to cancel and point the visitors to 2021 instead – they announced this today. The majority of all summer festivals are cancelled due to the corona pandemic but some, like Leipzig’s huge Wave Gotik Treffen apparently hasn’t given up yet. [more...]

A whole bunch of 80:s synthpop covers is coming your way
Apr 2020 25

Do you love 80:s music? Do you love Michael Cretu? Sure you do! Then you might be interested in two new cover album projects featuring a massive amount of different synthpop artists.


Ministry shares new track with trademark sound
Apr 2020 29

Industrial pioneers Ministry have shared a brand new track, “Alert Level”, from their upcoming album. Listen below. [more...]

Apr 2020 30

A new track “Television Nation” has just been released by Austrian electronic powerhouse Mind.in.a.box. [more...]

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