Kalabalik på Tyrolen invites you to a retro-future-trip
Mar 2019 18

Kalabalik på Tyrolen will return for the ninth time on August 23-24. As usual, the Swedish festival for DIY synth, wave and post-punk doesn’t care much for headliners and line up mostly unknown, but interesting names. [more...]

The louder side of the Wall of Sound – A Place to Bury Strangers interviewed
Mar 2019 18

What makes a show something you remember for years? Does loud noise cause severe hearing loss? Are you one of those thinking that The Jesus and Mary Chain landmark “Psychocandy” is the epitome of dirty, gritty and loud music? It’s obvious that you haven’t listened even to A Place to Bury Strangers. If you expect to get home from a standard gig experience with a typical decibel level just under 100dB you apparently haven’t been to a show by these noise heroes - there will be broken gear and walls of sound louder than anything you’ve ever heard.

Being hailed as the loudest band in New York with their feedback-drenched, experimental noise rock and shoegaze sound and the aggressive high energy live shows, A Place to Bury Strangers found their way to Hamburg and LOGO to do another “Pinned” tour show. Dion, Oliver and new drummer Lia met up with Release in Hamburg, taking the interview out in the shadow on the street for a chat about about their passion for the DIY approach, endless repairs of gear and their recipe for bold intensity and aggressive aesthetic. Don’t miss our interview and live pictures. [more...]

Agent Side Grinder, Then Comes Silence and Ash Code pay tribute to Numan
Mar 2019 19

In case you missed this Gary Numan tribute compilation it is out on vinyl now. “We Are Electric: Gary Numan Revisited” was released digitally a couple of months ago and focuses on quality over quantity. [more...]

Grimes announces new album and possibly singles
Mar 2019 20

Yesterday Grimes revealed details on her upcoming album. [more...]

We have updated our Spotify playlist
Mar 2019 23

We have updated our Spotify playlist “Releasemagazine.net | New Music”. [more...]

Mar 2019 24

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Mar 2019 25

Rewind to 2018

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In January we posted the writers’ year lists with the best albums, songs and newcomers of last year. In case you missed them, or would like to look back at 2018 once again, head over to Best of 2018. You can always access the year lists in the menu, under Features.

Mar 2019 25

The follow-up to the Cold Meat Industry 30th anniversary festival in Stockholm will be a 40 hour Baltic sea cruise on board M/S Romantika on September 14-16. [more...]

Mar 2019 28

Watch the new massive Rammstein mini film “Deutschland” below or here. It premiered 18:00 CET on March 28th.

Mar 2019 29

We have updated our Spotify playlist “Releasemagazine.net | New Music”. [more...]

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