SMP mourns the “Death of the Format”
May 2013 28

Industrial rock band Sounds of Mass Production – aka SMP – will release their seventh studio album “Death of the Format” on WTII Records. Jason Bazinet, the mastermind behind SMP, has worked on the album for 2 years, and now it’s ready to hit the shelves on June 11.  [more...]

Breaking news: Peace & Love with Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys cancelled
May 2013 28

11:04 today, the Swedish Peace & Love Festival sent out a press release where they announce that they have filed for bankrupcy.


Trent Reznor: “I’ve been less than honest”
May 2013 29

The reformed Nine Inch Nails are not only touring. Yesterday, they suddenly announced a brand new album will be released later this year on sister project How to Destroy Angels’ label Columbia. [more...]

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