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Feb 2013 13

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Melotron is on the move again
Feb 2013 15

After a long hiatus – the last album “Propaganda” was released in 2007 – the German bodypop trio Melotron is gaining momentum again, getting ready to release the album “Werkschau” in the spring. [more...]

Best of 2012 according to Release Magazine
Feb 2013 15

You have hopefully noticed that we have published the Release writers’ Best of 2012 lists (individually this year). Now, all the lists are on line. [more...]

New album from side project Thyx in May
Feb 2013 18

Stefan Poiss from has announced a new album with his side-project Thyx. “Below the City” will be released by Metropolis on May 14.


Impressive Vancouver sound on free Interdictor EP
Feb 2013 19

Interdictor is a new Swedish industrial band consisting of Henrik Sundberg (Russia) and Christian Granström (Sweden). They have just released a EP called “Noumenon” and the sound is described as a mix between Interlace, Front Line Assembly and Decoded Feedback.


Covenant’s “Leaving Babylon” scheduled for September
Feb 2013 19

The Swedish electro legend that is Covenant is soon back with new material. The new album is called “Leaving Babylon” and is set for a September release on Dependent Records.


Feb 2013 20

Kraftwerk and The Knife will headline the huge Øya festival in Oslo on August 6-10.

Nine Inch Nails make plans for world tour
Feb 2013 25

The big news today all over the www was that Nine Inch Nails plan a world tour, starting this summer. It will be followed by a US arena tour which will finally lead up to “lots of other dates worldwide through 2014″. [more...]

Feb 2013 25

Today, Denmark’s Roskilde Festival announced that Kraftwerk will return this summer, 15 years after their last visit. Another Release favourite – Dead Can Dance – was released a while ago.

Haujobb celebrates 20th anniversary with new album “Blendwerk”
Feb 2013 26

The never sleeping Daniel Myer and Dejan Samardzic have begun recording a new Haujobb album, to coincide with the bands 20th anniversary in 2013. The album will be called “Blendwerk” and when we get more information we’ll let you know. [more...]

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