Oct 2021 28

UK electropop project Massive Ego has a new, so far untitled EP cooking. The first single from it, “You Will Comply” was released on October 1st. [more...]

Oct 2021 31

Long-time And One member Joke Jay has a new album ready to be launched.  [more...]

Nov 2021 04

Some time ago, a track called “Brave Bodies Burn” was released on Spotify and Tobias Bernstrup posted a comment about it on Facebook asking what this exciting new track was and who was behind it. As it turns out, it was Tobias himself who had started a new project with Erica Li Lundqvist from popular newcomer Abu Nein. [more...]

The return of skilled synthpop quartet Kiethevez
Dec 2021 08

The Swedish synthpop quartet Kiethevez has been active since the very early nineties, releasing a string of strong and appreciated albums up until the “Non-Binary” album in 2008. They started teasing on their Facebook page that something new was in the making a few months ago. [more...]

Dec 2021 09

Goth icons The Cure will embark on a new massive European tour next year with 44 dates in total. [more...]

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