Swedish synthpop export to Germany – Vanguard interviewed
Apr 2019 22

The Hybridize Festival embarked on its tour across Germany at the end of February 2019. Four dates of harsh electronic music with hard electronic bands as Funker Vogt and Agonoize, and Swedish synthpop act Vanguard used as live bait to haul in people to the festival.

Patrik Hansson and Jonas Olofsson formed Vanguard already in 2008. Four years later, they released their debut album “Sanctuary”, a futurepop infused synthpop adventure that brought them onto the scene in Sweden but more importantly in Germany.

Four albums later we sat down with Patrik and Jonas ahead of their first Hybridize gig to talk about their latest, slightly rougher, album “Manifest”, reaching out to new fans in Germany and an aging scene that are having difficulties catching young people’s attention. The article includes exclusive live and interview pictures. [more...]

Apr 2019 25

Depeche Mode’s own Martin Gore will receive the 2019 Moog Innovation Award at Moogfest on April 26.


Apr 2019 26

STARK consists of David Gooday and Simon Granger. Both recently rejoined Nitzer Ebb (they left early on in the band’s career). Now they’re touring with Nitzer Ebb again, and are also releasing music under their own name.


Another jaw-dropping Rammstein video
Apr 2019 29

Believe it or not, Rammstein’s video budget was not depleted after the epic “Deutschland”. They’re already back with retro trip “Radio”. Watch the brand new, and as expected, highly entertaining music video, below. [more...]

Apr 2019 30

Watch the new video from Sólveig Matthildur, “Constantly in Love”, below. The Icelanadic Kælan Mikla keyboardist and background vocalist has just released her second solo album with the same title, full of ethereal, emotional darkwave and triphop. [more...]

Apr 2019 30

We have updated our Spotify playlist “Releasemagazine.net | New Music”.

Check out new tracks from Rammstein, Agent Side Grinder, Sólveig Matthildur, Euringer and Ionnalee. [more...]

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