“Alive”, a live album by Haujobb
Feb 2018 15

German dark electronic band Haujobb’s next release will be the career spanning live album “Alive”. [more...]

40 new live acts to Wave Gotik Treffen
Feb 2018 21

The annual Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig announced The Jesus & Mary Chain back in December and hasn’t announced new live acts until now. [more...]

Third single from Qntal’s new album and tour dates
Feb 2018 22

German electronic/historical music band Qntal has just released the third single, “Nachtblume”, from the new album “VIII Nachtblume” (March 9). Watch the video clip below. [more...]

Wave Goodbye to Soft Cell
Feb 2018 26

Marc Almond and Dave Ball will perform one last time as Soft Cell. [more...]

Feb 2018 26

Our Scandinavian live guide On Stage has been updated with Bodyfest, Kalabalik på Tyrolen, Tiamat tour, Italodisco festival, Priest, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Kafé 101, Subkult additions and Jonfest.

Tiamat to perform “Clouds” and “Wildhoney” live
Feb 2018 27

Dark and melodic rock band Tiamat will soon enter the studio to record new music. But first, they will continue to perform their classic albums “Clouds” and “Wildhoney” live. [more...]

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