Sebastian Hess talks Electronic Summer – plus Release live pics
Sep 2013 20

Electronic Summer took place August 29-31 in Gothenburg with bands like DAF, Tyske Ludder, Apoptygma Berzerk, S.P.O.C.K and Spark! on stage. Most bands exceeded the expectations and the festival as a whole a great success. As a media partner for Electronic Summer, we asked co-organiser Sebastian Hess a few questions afterwards. We also give you some live pics from our photographers. [more...]

VNV Nation “Transnational” preview, release next week
Sep 2013 24

VNV Nation has just published a Soundcloud “Transnational” preview (link below), after giving away the song “Retaliate” the other day (also below). The release date is October 4 in Europe. A US release date has yet to be announced. Review in progress. [more...]

Minimal Wave reissues Blancmange debut EP
Sep 2013 25

New York label Minimal Wave will reissue “Irene & Mavis” on November 5. This is the 1980 debut EP from UK veterans Blancmange, recorded in 1979. The EP is remastered and will come as a limited edition 10″.

Sep 2013 25

Click here to listen to Moby’s new album which is called “Innocents” (just like the classic Erasure album obviously). It’s out next week. Click the more-link to see the rather scary (for Moby) cover. [more...]

Sep 2013 30

And One mastermind Steve Naghavi broke one of his legs on September 24 and is currently hospitalized. The first 4 concerts of the new German tour have been moved to March and April 2014 and more might follow if Steve’s does not recover fast.

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