Playlist, DJ Release, Bodybeat, Haket
Gothenburg, October 31 2008

DJ:s Mikael Kahrle, Lotta Kahrle and Tobias Eliasson.

World premiere for new songs from Elegant Machinery, Iambia and Emmon.


Triarii: "Sun and Reign"

Rome: "Der Brandtaucher"

Beauty of Gemina: "This Time"

Das Ich: "Garten Eden"

Portion Control: "Cut and Thrust"

Borghesia: "Message (Act up Mix)"

The Young Gods: "Crier les Chiens"

The Fair Sex: "No Excuse"

Billy Idol: "Rebel Yell"

Dupont: "Dope of Love"

Sturm Café: "Der Aufstand"

Dance or Die: "Teenagemakeup"

Project Pitchfork: "K.N.K.A. (Climax Version)"

Hocico: "The Shape of Things to Come"

Iambia: "Lunatech Dreams"

Klinik: "Black Leather"

Nitzer Ebb: "Hearts & Minds"

Cryo: "Vengeance"

Das Ich: "Destillat (Club Mix)"

Bigod 20: "The Bog (Shot Mix)"

Rational Youth: "Dancing on the Berlin Wall"

Jupiter Black: "Hold Me"

Pet Shop Boys: "In the Night (Extended)"

Emmon: "Secret and Lies (Radio Version)"

Rex the Dog: "Bubblicious"

Elegant Machinery: "With Grace"

Rotersand: "Lost"

KieTheVez: "Mercury"

Second Decay: "Der Nerv"

Welle:Erdball: "Der Telegraph"

System: "Graven Images"

Fairlight Children: "808 Bit"

Rammstein: "Mein Teil (PSB There Are no Guitars on This Mix)

Die Krupps: "Volle Kraft voraus/Goldfinger"

Emmon: "Time Can Only Make Things Better"

The April Tears: "Hardcoming"

Anthony Rother: Sex with the Machines"

The Invincible Spirit: "Provoke You"

The Neon Judgement: "Chinese Black"

Kraftwerk: "Electric Café"

Covenant: "Figurehead"

Retrosic: "The Storm"

Nine Inch Nails: "Head like a Hole"

Nitzer Ebb: "Let Your Body Learn"

Yazoo: "Situation (12")"

Depeche Mode: "A Question of Time (Black Tulip Mix)"

Alphaville: "Sounds Like a Melody"

Lustans Lakejer: "Diamanter (12")"

Ultravox: "Sleepwalk"

Blancmange: "Living on the Ceiling"

Duran Duran: "Girls on Film"

The Cure: "The Walk"

The Sisters of Mercy: "Temple of Love (1992)"

Desireless: "Voyage Voyage"

Elegant Machinery: "Move (Reconnected Mix)"

Encounter: "Mastermind"

Syntax: "Pray"

Naked Lunch: "La Femme"

Data: "Romy Haag"

Twice a Man: "Russian Tractors"

OMD: "Electricity"

Depeche Mode: "The Things You Said"


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