Playlist, second Release night at Haket
Gothenburg, May 29 2008

DJ:s Tobias Eliasson and Mikael Kahrle.


The April Tears: “Hardcoming”

New Order: “Someone Like You”

Depeche Mode: “I Feel Loved (Danny Tenaglia Mix)”

Ladytron: “Seventeen”

Sophie Ellis Bextor: “Sparkle”

Dubstar: “Stars”

Apoptygma Berzerk: ”Bitch” ”Loyalty”

Cyberaktif: “Nothing Stays”

Vangelis: “Conquest of Paradise”

Dead Can Dance: “Black Sun”

Bel Canto: “Dewy Fields”

Massive Attack: “Special Cases”

Apoptygma Berzerk: “Starsign”

Mobile Homes: “Nothing But Something”

Covenant: “We Stand Alone”

Melotron: “Weltenkonstrukteur”

Camouflage: “I Can’t Feel You”

Goldfrapp: “Crystalline Green”

Ohgr: “Water”

Nine Inch Nails: “March of the Pigs”

Skinny Puppy: “Addiction (First Dose)”

Rammstein: “Feuer Frei”

The Neon Judgement: “Chinese Black”

Rome: “Wir Götter Der Stadt”

Twice a Man: “Decay”

Zeigeist: “Tar Heart”

System: “Graven Images”

Pete Shelley: ”Telephone Operator”

Robert Marlow: ”The Face of Dorian Grey (12”)”

Mr Jones Machine: “Wrapped in Plastic”

Elektric Music: “Lifestyle”

Universal Poplab: “Fame & Hate”

Dupont: “Solid Life”

Sturm Café: “Der Aufstund”

Vono: “Modern Leben”

Keine Ahnung: “Plastik”

Ascii Disko: “Immer”

Project Pitchfork: “K.N.K.A. (Climax Version)”

X Marks the Pedwalk: “Maximum Pace”

Rotersand: “Lost”

VNV Nation: “Elektronaut”

Seabound: “Poisonous Friend”

Klinik: “Go Back”

Portion Control: “The Great Divide”

à;Grümh…: “M.D.A.”

Ashbury Heights: “Derrick Is a Strange Machine”

Onetwo: “Have a Cigar”

Spetsnaz: “Apathy”

Die Krupps: ”Volle Kraft Voraus/Goldfinger”

Terror Punk Syndicate: ”I Wish I Was Retarded (Edit)”

Einstürzende Neubauten: “Yü-Gung (Fütter Mein Ego)”

Clock DVA: ”Sound Mirror”

Lassigue Bendthaus: ”Automotive”

Diary of Dreams: “Butterfly Dance”

Placebo Effect: “Mystress”

Covenant: “Luminal”

Skinny Puppy: “Chainsaw”

John Barry: “The Persuaders Theme”

Ladytron: “Runaway”

Violent Gandhi: “Friends”

Lowe: “1000 Miles”

Goldfrapp: “Yes Sir”

Nitzer Ebb: “Payroll”

I Start Counting: “Lose Him”

Excellent Accident: “Radiation”

Robert Görl: “Darling Don’t Leave Me”

Ubangi: “They Came from outer Space”

Rational Youth: “Dancing on the Berlin Wall”

Moskwa TV: “Generator 7/8”

Blancmange: “Game Above My Head (12”)”

Pet Shop Boys: “One More Chance”

Technoquake: “You Say I Said”

The Sisters of Mercy: “Dominion (Mother Russia)”

Rome: “Die Brandstifter”

Deine Lakaien: “Dark Star”

Qntal: “Cupido”

Laibach: “F.I.A.T.”