Almost 30 years lurking in the archives of Psyche recordings, we have received a release which focuses on the earliest work with Dwayne Goettel. Industrial Music lost Dwayne Goettel in an untimely death as project Skinny Puppy ceased, some 15 years ago. Psyche guiding light Darrin Huss has worked with label Artoffact Records in my old Canada to produce this tribute to Goettel. He was a former member of young electronic-horror act Psyche which was spawned in Edmonton, Canada. Later the keyboarder was invited to join Skinny Puppy in Vancouver.

Fortunately there is enough material to fill an entire CD, all tracks on this disc feature Dwayne Goettel. There's 16 tracks, nine of which are unique and seven which are remix/redux tracks. The hardest part in writing a review such as this is the fact that the music is not of the contemporary genre. We can only judge this on the merit of when it was first recorded. No doubt it shows the inherent vintage sounds, remember it's circa 1982. Archive collections cannot be graded in the same way as new remixes. Yes, it's a time capsule but looking back it's now very progressive. The young band Psyche had their sound mature after Goettel's departure.

"Torture (Original Full Length Mix)" is a nice creation. "Krieg" is minimal by today's standard, yet even elegant. "Eye of the Hurricane" is maybe a learning-to-play recording, not sure about the composition. "Screaming Hurricane" sounds much like the very earliest moods of Skinny Puppy songs. I can't believe the coincidence as there's no direct historical contact between the two Canadian bands in this era. The keyboard equipment used is similar. "Cheated (Imaginary Life)" is difficult listening quality due to the immense vocal treatments. "Fragility (Tribute to Dwayne)", sounds like a modern day Darrin vocal over some older recording, though tracks all are cited as being old archive recordings. There's not a lot of vocals overall, much is instrumental on this disc.

The remixes by Plastic Noise Experience, Dead When I Found Her and Controlled Collapse all seem quite natural remakes, possibly the remix artists did not choose to grossly modify work by one of their industrial icons. Two tracks: "Krieg" and "Torture" were previously released on compilations.

This collection is well worth owning for any fan or early electro enthusiast for your personal collection and enjoyment. You will never hear these tracks in any club or on radio.

Goettel can be viewed as an early member of Psyche in four videos that were later released on the DVD "Imaginary Life". Our review of that DVD here.