I take it the title of this release has to do with a comment similar to "if I had to live my life again, I would do it exactly the same all over again". And by looking back we can now laugh at what we have done before. I was prepared to give this 21 track DVD a great review considering the breadth and quality of the songs from this Canadian synth band. If this video collection had been released ten years ago it might have made some waves but it's almost painful to watch the music history here with today's technology. This is Psyche's first DVD release though we have been hearing about this project for almost five years now. Once I got the disc in the cradle it was obvious top marks could not be given, but keep in mind it is in fact a collection in the first half and not a new set of works.

We definitely find Psyche's quality mark in all their music through this collection, it's just too bad that under today's technological scrutiny, the visual quality pales. The sound quality source is of course not DVD quality by any means either.

From the early low grade video history section starting with a live balcony performance (1983), it progresses to the traditional music video format up to the timeframe of "Eternal" and "Misery" (1989). The almost comedic dark horror themed older "The Brain Collapses", "Maggots" and "I'm a Gentleman" are worth at least a few repeats. During this era, we get into a more modern style of video cinematography with partner musical brothers Darrin and Stephen Huss. The new analogue electro comes out in "Uncivilized" with a long daytime rooftop segment and car scene. Chances are you have never seen any of these clips on web or television.

The second half of the DVD focuses on live performances all shot in Europe from 1989 to 2005; many of them more dancefloor oriented. "Prisoner to Desire" live in Club Arnold in Lund, Sweden, in 1996 brings on an impromptu performance of Yazoo's "Only You", showing Darrin Huss' deep rooted affection for 1980's music. At this time, the live band is a trio with chanting sing-along from the Swedes.

The bonus material includes video taken with early member Dwayne Goettel (Skinny Puppy). We then catch Psyche during a soundcheck and interview while in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1988. The interviewer asks the brothers how they met. While the ending credits roll by, we're then treated to a brief pub piano performance.

This collection will put a smile on any long time Psyche fan, and even curl the lips of someone new to their sound.


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