Peaches is  back! After a series of albums which in my opinion just got better and better, a genre in electro-punk, which she virtually kick-started herself, and a talent for live performance, it is hard to imagine how Peaches can keep the enthusiasm going. Now the shock value has faded a little, (I mean who amongst us hasn't heard of Peaches now?)  – where can she find new targets? Judging by this album it seems she is going for the very jugular of pop itself. Watch out Britney...

“Serpentine” is classic Peaches, and in a typically bold and brash statement, it is the first track on the album too. It electro throbs, has some unnerving chimes running through it, and is pretty much what you expect, but this is just the beginning.

“Talk to Me” and “Lose You” take us into slightly different territory, only hinted at in “Impeach My Bush”; that of Peaches the Rock Star. As I said in that review, and stick to now, Peaches has got an amazing rock star voice, very radio friendly, with a big set of lungs that drive straight through the heart of the song; this could be all over the radio before you know it. “Lose You” on the other hand has something of the opposite contrast, with very angelic, almost innocent sounding vocals. It is hard to believe that it is the same person singing!

“More” was a little bit of a let down, not because of the very apocalyptic sounds, but more because it didn't seem to go anywhere, and “Billionaire” showed good rap licks, but could have done to be a little faster in my opinion – bouncing rather than plodding. These are only minor glitches in an album filled with class and tracks like “Show Stopper” and especially “Mommy Complex” really make up for them, having the energy, excitement and slightly dubious imagery (!) you more than come to expect. My favourite track is unexpectedly for me the last track “Take You on” – it is slightly weird, slightly aggressive but completely incredible!

The key to this album then is diversity, and I feel it could be Peaches biggest to date because of it. There is a more rounded feel to the album than previously, and with the angelic-voiced tracks such as the title “I Feel Cream” giving an extra dimension, there is really something for all tastes now.  In fact, if I were to recommend a newbie to the work of Peaches, maybe this would be the one I would start with, just to show the talent she has – a Peaches album you can finally play to your Mum. A well, at least some tracks anyway!