Peaches’ has one of those voices that are almost instantly recognizable, seemingly made purr-fectly for her ever so lascivious choice of electro. “Impeach My Bush” could on face value be seen as a foray into political commentary, but only the first 50-second intro-track makes any kind of cheeky political reference. The rest is a return to the filthy mouth and sleazy beats we all know and love.

Peaches, never shy about such things, has upped a level once more – introducing new vocabulary into the mainstream “soregasm” (“Tent in Your Pants”), new terminology “I think your Mac needs a lot more my corn and I’ll nibble your cob” (“Hit It Hard”) and even possibly additions to the karma sutra (“Two Guys for Every Girls” and “Rock the Shocker”). With those bases covered then, what has happened musically?

Well, Peaches really has excelled herself with her combination of polished rawness this time – although a lot of the tracks are minimal to the point of being little more than a drum machine, throbbing bassline and voice; some of these tracks have real body moving qualities. A big addition must be the recruitment of Mickey Petralia (Beck, Ladytron, Eels et al) and Greg Kurstin, which really has added an extra sheen to the production. Also the shift to real analogue instruments and real electric guitars has given another dimension to the material. “Rock the Shocker” has a carefully crafted groove that emphasizes a high pitched mini key line – it is sleazy as hell, but I defy you to sit still listening to it! The album continues in variations of this sparse drumbeat and sexual tirade throughout, bar the couple of rockier numbers (which I will mention in a moment), yet never manages to lose steam despite of it, in fact there is something rather hypnotic about the whole thing…

One of the best tracks is completely different to these electro stylings. “You Love It” is so much like an old school punk/rock workout, it should almost have been made 25 years ago. The track really highlights Peaches voice to perfection (and a great vocal it is too!); this track craves a one digit chart placing if ever there was one.

By going retro Peaches has really added something to her sound. There is an extra dimension to Peaches now, pretenders beware, the electro throne is about to be snatched back once more!