Playlist, third Release night at Haket
Gothenburg, August 28 2008

DJ:s Mikael Kahrle, Johan Carlsson and Tobias Eliasson.


OMD: “Electricity”

Gary Numan: “We Take Mystery to Bed”

John Foxx: “Underpass”

Japan: “Taking Islands in Africa”

Deine Lakaien: “Love Will Not Die”

Psyche: “The Sundial (Hospital Mix)”

Pankow: “Love Is the Biggest Pig”

Tear Garden: “Ophelia”

Portion Control: ”The Great Divide (12”)”

Buzz: “East Village Radio (David Caretta Remix)”

Goldfrapp: “Strict Machine”

Desireless: “Voyage Voyage”

Phaeax: “Talk About”

Mozzart: “Money”

Fancy: “Latin Fire”

Kleerup: “3 AM”

Mind.In.A.Box: “Identity”

Front Line Assembly: “Provision (12”)”

Leaether Strip: “I Am Your Conscience”

Placebo Effect: “Move (Animation Remix)”

Nettwork: “Der Schweizerpsalm”

Tommi Stumpff: “Massaker”

Deine Lakaien: “Dark Star”

Clock DVA: “Sound Mirror”

Lassigue Bendthaus: “Cloned”

Kraftwerk: “It’s More Fun to Compute”

Gleitzeit: “Ich Komme auf der DDR”

Stahlnetz: ”Fahr Doch mit der Automobil”

The Droids: ”The Force”

Rex The Dog: ”I Can See You, Can You See Me?”

Fixmer/McCarthy: “Banging on Your Door”

The Hacker: “Flesh and Bone”

Thomas P. Heckmann: “El Hazzared”

KLOQ: “I Never Said”

Cryo: “Freedom”

Yazoo: “Too Pieces”

A-ha: “Take on Me (12”)”

Kite: “Ways to Dance”

VNV Nation: “Standing”

Elegant Machinery: “Move”

Alice in Videoland: “Numb”

Ladytron: “Weekend”

Nine Inch Nails: “Discipline”

The Young Gods: “Skinflowers”

The Birthday Massacre: “Goodnight”

Necro Facility: “Tuxedo”

Haujobb: “Eye over You (Extended)”

Pig: “Noone Gets out of Her Alive”

Dance Or Die: “Time Zero”

Front Line Assembly: “Prophecy”

Unit 187: “Anger Management Part 2”

Project Pitchfork: “Existence (VNV remix)”

Seabound: “Without You”

Melotron: “Folge mir ins Licht”

Overlords: “Near Dark (Campfire Remix)”

IAMX: “ Heatwave”

Apotygma Berzerk: “Bitch”

Retrosic: ”The Strain”

Klinik: ”Black Leather”

Coil: “The Anal Staircase”

Rome:  “Die Brandstifter”

Blue for Two: “Ships”

Cosmic Overdose: “Tonight”

Martin Dupont: “It’s So”

Blancmange: “I Can’t Explain”

Mr Jones Machine: “Vilda drömmar”

Sista mannen på jorden: “Som pansar”

Midnight Juggernauts: ”Devil Within”

Rational Youth: ”Saturdays in Silesia”

Azoic: “Conflict (Alpha Conspiracy Remix)”

The Northern Territories: “Midnight Ambulance”


Here you can read what we played on May 29.