As many of you know, I had the pleasure to spend some time in Japan in the not so distant past. One of the most exciting things I discovered while I was there was a band who had been true electronic music legends, hailing from the Kansai electronic/alternative music scene. I was lucky enough to catch them live too, considering they had been pretty much inactive for 21 years since their heyday. The band is 4-DMode-1, and you can group them amongst pioneers of the Japanese music scene such as legends of the status of YMO.

While I have mentioned them before, there has been no new music to talk about, until now that is. “Rekonnekted” is the first album from them in many a long year. The original three piece of Kenji Konishi, Tadahiko Yokogawa and Shinobu Narita (along with Kazuya Nakagaki) have created something that they dare to describe as "polyhedron electro music"; a new genre to describe a new sound – and quite possibly a new way of packaging design too!

It has to be said, there is little like this music available now, being both in places utterly modern, while retaining something of a timeless quality. “Passage” is such a track, with subtly-layered electronic beeps and pulses, echoing beats and taps powered by a jittery rhythm and wonky organ synth lines – very alien, strangely meditative, but ultimately mesmeric. “Goodbye My Machine” is a true reminder of the strength of good electro music – powerful and yet playful.

Some tracks get a little too off kilter, and seem to lose their way, such as the meandering “My Sweet Lo”, which starts off well, but gets lost around half way. “My Neighbour Upstairs” also pairs up an infectious acid bassline with incredibly scary vocals and screechy electronics, which lead to quite an uncomfortable few minutes. “Zoology” also seems to have a touch of insanity about it, yet seems to pull off the resulting cacophony of sounds and vocals more convincingly. Their sound works best on the minimalistic, yet rather punky “Boku No Khojyo Kimi No Konbini”, it quite simply kicks ass.

All in all, it is great to hear new material from such a talented bunch of electro pioneers; doubly so when the material is as fresh as it is.