Release readers come from around the world

Over a period of time, we have counted the home countries of our readers (going by the loads of e-mails we've received, like contest applications). Not only does this reveal where our readers are located, but it also gives us an idea of where our type of music is popular.

Shouldn't the web statistics do the job, you may ask? Well, they can't give us an accurate picture, because we can only see the top domains like .com, .net, .nu alongside the country domains (like .de). A .com visitor can originate from anywhere.

Maybe it's high time to redraw the map for our music? We note that Eastern Europe is present all over the list, starting with the eighth position for Poland, eleventh for Russia and sixteenth for Romania. We are interestingly enough also quite popular in Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Greece, Estonia and Indonesia. Ireland, Switzerland and Turkey, for instance, didn't make it to this top 50 list at all.

Throughout the years, we have heard from readers from almost all the countries in the world (except many of the tiniest ones, of course).

Feel free to mail us and tell us a bit about the musical scene in your territory.

The first three countries counts for over 50%. The top 50 list:

1) Sweden
2) USA
3) Canada
4) Germany
5) France

6) UK
7) Italy
8) Poland
9) The Netherlands
10) Denmark

11) Russia
12) Finland
13) Australia
14) Belgium
15) Portugal

16) Romania
17) Norway
18) Brazil
19) Greece
20) Argentina

21) Spain
22) The Czech Republic
23) Estonia
24) Austria
25) Hungary

26) Indonesia
27) Slovakia
28) Mexico
29) Bulgaria
30) Israel

31) Peru
32) Iceland
33) South Africa
34) Slovenia
35) Belarus

36) Chile
37) Japan
38) Latvia
39) Croatia
40) Singapore

41) Bosnia-Herzegovina
42) Uruguay
43) Lithuania
44) New Zealand
45) Costa Rica

46) China
47) Luxemburg
48) Kenya
49) Thailand
50) India