Parralox won the Emmon remix competition

The remix competiton is closed and the winner is Australia's Parralox. Thanks to all the readers who voted and helped us (Release, Emmon and Wonderland) choose.

1. Parralox
2. Kvantisera
3. Pretorium
4. Atari Cowboy
5. Perkelen

Honourable mentions
Due to the massive amount of great remixes we recieved it was very hard to agree. We have also added one honourable mention each to remixes that almost made it to the final five.

Release: Morlocks Labrum Igneus Remix.

Emmon: Lerry Müller Remix.

Wonderland: Kristoffer Säll & Thomas Jarbo Remix.

1st prize
Your remix will be released on a 12" made in 100 numbered copies and you get to keep number 1. The remix also gets published on iTunes, Spotify and Klicktrack.

2nd and 3rd prize
Your remix gets published on iTunes, Spotify, Klicktrack and as a free download on the Release site.

Bonus prize
The number one and two remixes will be included on the upcoming Russian edition of "Closet Wanderings" (Shadowplay Records). The two remixers get a copy of the CD.

Winners of a record package from Wonderland among those who commented.

First week: Kostas Panagiotidis, second week: Scott Case, third week: Tim Fitzpatrick.

During the finals: Jochen Schenkluhn and Anders Mörén.

A special price to Björn Asserhed, who reviewed all 45 contributions and graded them 1-5.

The original version and all 45 remix contributions:




Top lists
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