Wave Gotik Treffen '99, Leipzig, Germany, Whitsun - May 21-24
This year's Wave Gotik Treffen was a highly enjoyable event with lots of bands, happenings, markets and other stuff. The best artists playing were The Creatures and The Last Dance.
The Creatures, with the legendary Siouxsie Sioux behind the microphone, was very impressive and the audience desperately wanted them back on stage afterwards. Despite her age, Siouxsie still looks young and is very nice to experience live. Aaah, that incredible voice of hers.
American goth band The Last Dance is a band with a huge capacity to become something big. Before I saw them live I considered them to be the best US goth band and after having seen them I definetely say that they are the best US goth band! They will do more shows in the near future and tour in Scandinavia may be a reality soon, according to the bass player.

Sex Gang Children.

Other artists worth mentioning are Eva O, Sex Gang Children, Still Patient?, Anathema, Dimmu Borgir, Covenant (Swedish), Evil's Toy and the Japanese band Eve of Destiny.
Some things at Wave Gotik Treffen could've been handled much better. Like the festival tickets: to get your ticket you had to stand in a huge queue, which seemed endless and since the official number of expected visitors was 15 000, the arrangers must've been able to foresee this.
And visitors from abroad wasn't able to order tickets in advance, at least not the ones I talked to. This made their tickets cost an extra 20 DM each.
The overall impression of the festival was very good. Maybe my impression is biased due to having so much fun. But one thing is certain: I'll be there next year! /Johan Astemark