The Tivoli Festival, Helsingborg, Sweden, August 1

When autumn soon knocks on the door, and the really big festivals starts to run out, small ones seem to pop up here and there around the country. Probably the earliest one of these, is the synthfestival in Helsingborg that on August the 1st bubbled with loads of music from the late afternoon to the early morning.
Inside The Tivoli, a building situated right by the sea, about 700 people had gathered, mainly to watch the seven promised bands play live, but also to buy some CD's, have a beer in any of the four bars or dance to the music the DJ served.
Linger, a DM-coverband, got the task to kick off the live-repertoire and did so very well with familiar songs sounding a lot like the orginals.
Even Dance or Die, that followed on, played their own version of "In Your Room" during their memorable gig, where there at times was a considerable amount of the cheery audience not only off, but on the stage as well.
Chirpy synthpop a la Daily Planet was then next up, before Elegant Machinery did their notorious one and only concert in Sweden this year, in front of a widely smiling and bouncing crowd.
Sista mannen på jorden invited us to enjoy a couple of their charming melodies and talks inbetween, and Covenant showed again why they were chosen as Artist of the Year at Swedish Electronic Music Awards earlier this spring.
Rounding it off, Rational Youth (unfortunately without Bill Vorn this time) played their lively music squeezing out the last vigour of most people, that afterwards eventually returned back to their homes, possibly a bit more ready to face the coming autumn than before... /Sussi Pettersson