A sweaty, intense experience.
Photo by: Isabella Westblad

Nitzer Ebb, Allhuset, Stockholm, September 22, 2007

By: Tobias Eliasson

After two successful shows in Sweden during 2006 the legends in Nitzer Ebb returned for a show where they played some of their new material together with the classics from their career. Of course Release was there to check out the new songs, live line-up and see if Nitzer Ebb still works in 2007.

First up on stage this evening was Jason Payne who has returned behind the drums. Payne first joined the band as drummer on the “Big Hit” tour in 1995 and now takes the place from Kourtney Kline (ex-Combichrist) that quit the band for unknown reasons.

After the intro has faded out all hell breaks loose when Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris both join forces behind the vocals as they blast off with “Getting Closer”. For the next 80 minutes there never is a dull moment as the band line up hit after hit. The audience is bouncing non-stop, screaming along in all the lyrics. It turns out to be a great show as the band slowly builds up the intensity.

We are treated to two new songs; “Once You Say” and “Payroll” which blends in quite nice. It’s classic Nitzer Ebb songwriting, nothing new but why change what obviously is working? We still don’t know when we will see some of the new material released, but “Payroll” will be on the soundtrack of “Saw IV” to be released on October 23.

During the last three songs before the encore; “Control I’m Here”, “Murderous” and “Join in the Chant” everything explodes and we're almost hypnotised. The simplicity in the beat combined with McCarthy’s powerful vocals do something with the audience that other EBM-bands that I’ve seen never quite can reach; only slightly touch. After an unusual long pause they return for the encore, but by then the audience is back to normal state after the outburst of energy that just erupted. Therefore the last two songs seem slightly more relaxed than they should be.

Apart from that the 2007 year edition of Nitzer Ebb is definitely alive and kicking; watch out for new material from the original International Funk Aggression band.