Playlist, DJ Release, Synthaket, December 18 2008

DJ:s Lotta Kahrle and Tobias Eliasson.

Best of 2008 and Christmas theme.


F.O.D.: "Synthesizer Tanzmusik"

Rotersand: "I Cry (Rework)"

Informatik: "As We Lay Silent"

Peter Heppner: "Alleinesein"

Veljanov: "König und Ich (Covenant Mix)"

Die Form: "Her(t)z Frequenz"

Standeg: "Homes & Gardens 3.0"

The Beauty of Gemina: "This Time"

P.N.E. and Leather Strip: "Smalltown Boy"

Emmon: "Secret and Lies (Radio Version)"

System: "Graven Images"

ABC: "Give Me Your Hands"

Spark!: "Glassbilen"

Sturm Café: "Der Aufstand"

Revolting Cocks: "I'm Not Gay"

Portion Control: "Global"

Rome: "Wir Götter der Stadt"

Das Ich: "Garten Eden"

Agonoize: "For the Sick and Disturbed"

Hocico: "The Day the World Stopped"

Combichrist: "Sent to Destroy"

Elegant Machinery: "Hej tomtegubbar"

Adolphson & Falk: "Mer jul"

Das Ich: "Kannibale (Original Version)"

Client feat. Douglas McCarthy: "Suicide Sister"

Tyske Ludder: "Thetanen"

Kommando XY: "Gaestrikland"

Aesthetic Perfection: "Pale"

S.P.O.C.K: "White Christmas"

Iambia: "Lunatech Dreams"

Ashbury Heights: "Morningstar in a Black Car"

Buzz: "Bougre de Son"

Land of Giants: "Cannibaldolls"

Mr. Maxted: "Perfect"

Elegant Machinery: "Move (Reconnected)"

Universal Poplab: "Fame & Hate"

Rex the Dog: "Bubblicious (Radio Mix)"

Tyskarna från Lund: "Achtung X-Mas! (Sahne an der Mos...)"

Kite: "Ways to Dance"

Jupiter Black: "Hold Me"

Auto-Auto: "I Like It"

Dupont: "Dope of Love"

Kropp: "Vad ska du ha på dig i kväll?"

Zeigeist: "Tar Heart"

Ladytron: "Runaway"

Thermostatic: "The Box"

Welle:Erdball: "Ich bin aus Plastik"

Alice in Videoland: "Numb"

Marlow: "My Teenage Dream"

Ultravox: "We Stand Alone"

Yazoo: "Too Pieces"

Klinik: "Black Leather"

Neon Judgement: "Chinese Black"

Rational Youth: "Saturdays in Silesia"

Chimo Bayo: "A Si Me Gusta Mi"

And One: "Tanz der Arroganz"

Encounter: "Date on Mars"

Invincible Spirit: "Provoke You"

Gleizeit: "Ich komme auf der DDR"

Komputer: "Valentina"

Arvid: "Hur kunde jag låta det ske?"